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The Core is a digital publication focused on fresh marketing ideas. The Core shines a spotlight on an array of topics about marketing and fresh produce (with a little DMA personality thrown in for good measure). Our goal is to motivate creative thinkers to join the conversation.



  • Publishing our interests, ideas and experiences in the spirit of sharing and learning.
  • Being genuine and true to our personalities and characters.
  • Not replicating content available at respected media within the fresh produce industry.
  • Listening to and considering the feedback that we receive.
  • Keeping in mind that you have interests outside of the office.
  • Respecting your privacy by never sharing subscribers’ e-mail addresses or personal information.


Directing the heart of The Core content with what we know to be true:

“Marketing is common sense.”
“Everyday learning is necessary.”
“No idea is truly unique.”
“Ideas are good; actions are better!”
“The only constant is change.”


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