About Us


To inspire demand for—and ultimately, consumption of—fresh fruits and vegetables.

Who We Are

DMA Solutions is a marketing agency dedicated to exclusively serving the fresh produce industry. The DMA team is comprised of a vibrant patchwork of personalities and professional backgrounds that all contribute to helping us serve this industry, and this industry alone. Individually, we are passionate advocates for fresh produce, which we believe has the power to transform people, communities, the environment, and the global economy. Collectively, we are driven by the knowledge that when anyone in this space flourishes, there is a net-positive result on individuals, communities, and society.

What We Do

Since 2004, DMA Solutions has worked to elevate fresh produce companies in a once commodity-centric industry into trusted, desired brands. Because we are a purpose-driven organization, we choose to partner only with companies that share our passion and determination to increase demand for fresh produce. Unlike most full-service marketing agencies, DMA is committed to maintaining a focus on the challenges and opportunities inherent to fresh produce. To fully grasp the "why" behind our unwavering commitment to fresh, it is important to understand the purpose and beliefs that guide us daily.

We Believe...

...in the good of food that is grown.

No matter where you look, the impact of fresh produce is positive. We take great pride in serving an industry that makes a difference, because we understand that when fresh produce companies grow and prosper, demand and consumption increase, which in turn means healthier people, stronger communities, and a more prosperous society.

photo of a field at sunrise

...in serving the fresh produce industry through marketing.

DMA was founded to serve the fresh produce industry—and this industry alone—through focused, results-oriented marketing. This guiding purpose informs every facet of our daily work and requires us to go far beyond simply providing exemplary work for our clients. Because we are dedicated to elevating the status of the entire fresh produce space, we believe in being fully immersed in this space, which we demonstrate through consistent mentorship and volunteer leadership, industry association membership, and our choice to provide knowledge and insight through the Core Blog and our other free marketing resources. Long-term, our vision is to strengthen the relationship between fresh produce companies and the audiences they serve—because ultimately, when produce brands prosper, we all win.

three artichokes sitting on a stand

...in the power of the transformation from commodity to brand.

In essence, what sets a brand apart is the presence of a compelling story and the ability to share it in a way that inspires trust and fosters preference. But once established, how does that story get told?  Without marketing, it doesn't: in fact, the main distinguishing factor between a commodity and a brand is the presence of comprehensive marketing. Whereas commodities are purely transactional, brands possess the vision and leverage to change the way people view and interact with food that is grown, thus driving demand for fruits and vegetables.

person cutting grapes from the vine

...in delivering measurable results.

At the end of the day, the "proof is in the pudding," so to speak. Marketing is both an art and a science, and we stand behind our promise to approach your business with a creativity that is rooted in and justified by a foundation of logic, expertise and analysis. Ultimately, an investment in marketing should garner results that serve as a catalyst for sales, company growth, and brand equity.

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