As fresh produce marketers who travel everywhere from California to South Africa on our quest to elevate this industry, let’s just say we meet a lot of people—and get asked a lot of questions. From the completely serious to the more tongue-in-cheek, here are some we answer most often:

What is DMA Solutions?

We are a niche marketing agency that exclusively serves the fresh produce industry.

What does the “DMA” in DMA Solutions stand for?

We've had a lot of assumptions over the years on this one. Is it Direct Marketing Associates? Digital Marketing Advocates? Or, our favorite from our DFW area friends: "Wow, you work for the Dallas Museum of Art?!" Close, but no cigar, folks: DMA stands for the initials of our founder and leader, Dan'l Mackey Almy!"

Why the niche?

We exclusively serve the fresh produce industry because we believe in the positive impact fresh produce has on people, communities, and society. We purposefully strive to create and execute marketing that inspires demand for fresh fruit and vegetables. In short, we believe that good things happen when people are inspired to choose fresh.

How do we do that?

We gain the trust and interest of our audiences and subsequently deploy highly creative, useful and inspiring content that evokes a reaction.  A like, share, visit, and ultimately, a purchase, all result in memorable experiences that lead to a lasting preference for products and brands.

Who do you work with?

We work with many types of companies in the fresh produce industry.  If you represent a company or brand that serves the fresh produce industry—whether grower, packer, shipper or service provider—know that we are available to help.


How can you build a business serving an industry that has traditionally allocated such a small amount of money to marketing?

Great question! We like to say it’s a combination of creativity, a guiding purpose, a lot of perseverance and passion, and perhaps the occasional happy hour.

Why is the Dallas office full of women?
Why is the Dallas office full of women

Because, as Beyonce would say, “Who run the world? (Girls).” But on a serious note, we welcome applicants of all identities and walks of life—you just need to have a penchant for marketing and a passion for fresh produce.

Dog or cat people?
Dog or cat people

Both – and fiercely divided on the topic.

Why are you located in Dallas?

Ok, so all you need to do is: catch a flight to DFW, immediately head to the closest Tex-Mex restaurant, order a margarita, and enjoy it while basking in the fact that here, frostbite warnings are as rare as unfriendly passerby. But in all seriousness, Dallas offers us an ideal location to serve clients from coast to coast: we can jump on a flight to anywhere in the United States within just a few hours.

Why the obsession with karaoke?
Why the obsession with karaoke

We’ve learned over the years that there is not a town too near or far that doesn’t have a good place to karaoke. Music and singing bring people together (much like food!) and because of this truth, karaoke has become part of our culture at DMA. We love it so much, we even ask recruits to name their “go-to karaoke song” during interviews (so come prepared ;) ).

What’s with the wall in your office that says “1,2,3…7?”

Sometimes, growth—whether in your professional or personal life—happens through a series of baby steps (step 1, 2, 3…). At some point, we have a breakthrough that catapults our growth forward leaps and bounds! We call the challenges that lead to these personal victories “having or facing a 7,” and this wall reminds us that growth happens in different volumes every day.

With as passionate as you all are about fresh produce, do you even eat anything other than salad?
With as passionate as you all are about fresh produce, do you even eat anything other than salad

Of course! While we are passionate advocates for fresh, we also happen to love food, period.