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IFCO eBook

Thought Leadership Whitepaper

Whitepapers are one of the best ways to establish your company's thought leadership on a particular subject. IFCO wanted to find a way to dispel common myths and confusion surrounding RPCs in the industry so DMA Solutions interviewed IFCO team members to identify 10 common myths associated with RPCs. This information was compiled into a downloadable whitepaper that presents the myths and facts in a clear, easy-to-digest format.

This resource is continually shared to generate new and existing leads for IFCO on an ongoing basis.

Fox News-1

B2B Blog Content

As an innovator in the flexible packaging space, Fox Packaging wanted to elevate their thought leadership and share regular insights around fresh produce packaging and packhouse equipment with the trade.

The Fox News blog was developed as a forum to share monthly content on a wide range of topics including packaging, equipment, food safety and social responsibility. DMA Solutions provides copywriting services for each blog post. DMA also manages blog updates delivered via email to a growing subscriber base as well as on the company's social media platforms.

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Freightflow Brochure-1

Value-Added Selling

As a new transportation software solution for the perishables industry, Freightflow needed new marketing materials to bring to tradeshows and events to explain how they fit into the fresh supply chain. DMA helped create a brochure that would translate the benefits of their software in an easy-to-digest format.

The brochure's benefit-focused copy has helped the Freightflow team lead their audience to understand how their software is a value-added solution that can help them.


Brand Storm 2017 eBook-1

Event Recap

The United Fresh Produce Association wanted to find a way to provide marketers who attend the annual BrandStorm conference with actionable takeaways and notes on each of the conference sessions. DMA Solutions worked with United to create a guide for Brandstorm attendees to implement what they learned by providing session recap notes, highlights and recommendations for what to do next.

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Duda Field to Fork Copywriting

Field-to-Fork Storytelling

Consumers are attracted to the term "field to fork" but they don't always understand the full story behind this process. Duda Farm Fresh Foods wanted to explain their field to fork story to consumers in a simple, down-to-earth way they could understand.

Featured on their website, this story is designed to address common consumer questions about how fresh-cut celery gets to the shelf.

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