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Updated Bag Designs

Mouton Citrus is a South African citrus grower that ships different orange varieties, clementines and grapefruit to US retailers during the summer months.

After several years using an existing bag design, Mouton wanted a new look that showcased bold, product imagery and utilized a complementary color palette.

Mission Minis-1

New Product Packaging

Mission Produce realized the opportunity to meet a consumer need with a smaller, single serve sized avocado. To bring this new size of Mission avocados to market and make them easily identifiable on the store shelf, Mission Produce opted for a unique brand name and style for this particular product line.

Looking at packaging trends in the avocado category as well as branding trends across fresh produce, we developed a design aesthetic that emphasized the product with fun imagery and fonts as well as a green color palette.







Queen Victoria

Rebranded Cartons and Packaging

Following the launch of the new Queen Victoria brand, the next step was to roll out the revamped design style and color palette to the brand's bulk cartons and packaged product line.

A two color design was developed for the boxes to minimize the cost of color printing on corrugate. Two big goals for the bag designs were a large product window and helpful cooking icons to guide the shopper with meal solutions.

Klondike Potato Bags

New Product Packaging

Potandon Produce's new line of specialty potatoes needed a unique packaging design that reflected the stand-out qualities of the potatoes themselves.

Aptly named to match the eye-catching coloring of each new potato variety, the Klondike Bordeaux™ and Klondike Royale™ packaging was also color-coordinated to emphasize each potato's unique color attributes. With target audiences defined as millennials and flavor seeking consumers, the bag designs reflect a classy, minimalist styling that further elevated the character and quality of the products.

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