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As a sponsor of the Women's Fresh Perspectives Breakfast at Fresh Summit 2020, Renaissance Food Group and Calavo needed a video that expressed how much the company values and supports the women who work in various roles throughout the business from quality control to packing, shipping and marketing their products.

DMA Solutions worked with the RFG team to identify photography that aligned with the goal of the video, drafted a script that spoke the heart of the company, and produced the final video product.

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Intro Video for Tradeshow

In support of California Giant's participation as an exhibitor in the 2020 United Fresh Virtual Expo, DMA Solutions created a new video for each day of the show.

Leveraging four unique videos enabled Cal Giant to tell more of their story throughout the show. The Day 1 video shown here utilized photography of California Giant's berry fields and offered a quick overview of the company's history, growth, and growing process in a simple 40 second clip.

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Natural Delights Popsicles

Driven by the popsicle trend on social media, a "tasty-style" video was created for promoting Natural Delights Medjool Dates as a healthy and delicious sugar substitute for decadent treats.

This video was part of a larger digital strategy to provide resources across the brand's website and social media pages. With videos like this one, as well as downloadable guides from registered dietitians, as well as other recipe ideas where processed sugars were replaced with Medjool Dates, the brand became a go-to source for education and inspiration. 

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Cal Giant Stocking Stuffers

Sweepstakes Promotion Video

According to social media today, videos on Facebook receive 135% higher organic reach than still photos. California Giant wanted to capitalize on this by creating a video to better engage consumers in their busy social media streams.

To draw attention to the prizes available for their Stocking Stuffers promotion, we created this simple, animated trailer to generate excitement and entries for the Sweepstakes. The video reached more than 30,000 consumers and directly resulted in more than 1,000 entries into the sweepstakes.

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Winter Sweetz Video

Recipe Video

In support of Winter Sweetz' newly launched brand identity, we helped produce several 1-minute recipe videos for their website and social media platforms to showcase the versatility of grapefruit in seasonal recipes like this healthy New Year's breakfast smoothie bowl.

Newly re-branded the year prior, these videos not only showcased the various ways to incorporate grapefruit into recipes, but also served as an education tool for showing the proper way to segment a Winter Sweetz grapefruit for the sweetest flavor. 

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Ocean Mist Spinach Artichoke Dip

Recipe Video

To help Ocean Mist Farms share with consumers a simple approach to cooking an artichoke, we developed a "tasty-style" video with step-by-step instructions for Fresh Spinach and Artichoke dip.

The video is one piece of a larger content marketing strategy to actively provide helpful and relevant content to shoppers via Ocean Mist's website, on their social media platforms and through email marketing campaigns.

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