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As a full-service marketing agency, our work is focused on reinventing fresh produce marketing so that ultimately people are inspired to choose more fresh and less processed food. Our services, whether it's content marketing, promotions, public relations, social media, graphic design, website development, trade marketing and advertising, tradeshow management and more, are all designed to help a once commodity-centric industry build stronger brands that are trusted and desired.

We help fresh produce companies elevate their brands in 4 different capacities: ongoing retainers, project work, consultation, and our marketing products and resources. Find out which one is right for you:


Are you looking for a full-time marketing support and execution team that can serve as a partner and member of your organization? Our ongoing retainers are designed to do just that; let DMA Solutions serve as your internal marketing team and handle all the details from A to Z. We can customize retainers to provide the exact level of support you need to know that your bases are covered, from full guidance of your entire marketing strategy and vision to focused execution of a specific need, like social media or PR.

Strength in Numbers
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Gain a team of 2 – 6 people and endless resources working on your behalf.

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Establish a plan for the long-term success of your brand.
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Receive monthly reports on your goals and progress.
Strategy & Budget Planning
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Gain ongoing guidance for your overall strategy within your designated budget.
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Focus on your priorities because our team will execute all the details.

What our retainer clients are saying:

"The team at DMA Solutions have been an integral part of the California Giant marketing team for about 7 years. During that time our brand has continued to be more relevant and in demand. Our work together has positively contributed to the growth of the company. The DMA team's creative and analytical approach to addressing our trade and consumer audiences with marketing strategies has produced measurable results for our brand."

Cindy Jewell, Vice President of Marketing, California Giant Berry Farms


Projects are designed to provide a specific marketing need and/or deliverable within your desired timeline. Fully customizable, we can create projects around any set of marketing needs to fit every budget. If you have a tight timeline and need a resource to help you bring your project to fruition, project work is the right approach for you. Examples of project work we execute on a regular basis includes website projects, branding work, packaging design, PR campaigns and tradeshow support.

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Set goals around what you want to achieve as an outcome of the project.
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Built with your budget in mind to help you reach your goals without breaking the bank.
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Establish a timeline to receive your deliverables when you need them.
Marketing Expertise
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Gain guidance and consultation from our marketing experts on an outcome that's best for your brand.

What our project clients are saying:

“DMA Solutions has been a great partner by helping us with our tradeshow booth design and set-up at the tradeshows where we need additional marketing support. Their team is sharp, consistent with their communications, and allow me to focus on delighting buyers at each show”

Lance Peterson, Super Starr


Do you ever wish you could pick a marketing expert's brain on your efforts and work? Our team is here to help! If you are able to execute your plans in-house and are simply looking for someone to provide you guidance and ideation for your strategy and planning, consider working with DMA Solutions on a consultation basis. We can consult you on any area of your marketing and can even offer strategic planning and budgeting consultation.

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Set aside a specific number of consultation hours to use as you need.
Marketing Expertise
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Gain guidance and consultation from our marketing experts on an outcome that's best for your brand.
Strategy & Budget Planning
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Discuss your strategy and budget with someone who can guide your thought-process.
No-Strings Approach
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Receive leadership and insights to take away with no strings attached.

What our consultation clients are saying:

"As a startup company, we needed DMA Solutions to ask us the questions that would enable us to better and more clearly understand and articulate our value and service proposition to potential customers and investors.  The DMA team listened to our responses, aggregated our thoughts and  created positioning that was used to develop a website and sales tools which are an integral part of our go to market tool box."

Bud Floyd, CEO, FreightFlow


For the busy marketer needing quick insights or tools to propel their efforts forward, we've created several pre-priced products and assessments that you can start at any time. These tools are designed to help you with helpful insights or provide you with immediate, tangible content and action items you can put to use when you aren't in a position to start a longer term project or retainer. Our current product offerings include: social media assessment, website assessment, press release plan, social media graphics, professional recipe & photography package, media kit and brand identity guide.

Brand Identity Guides
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Are you interested in developing a brand identity guide for your company or product line? DMA Solutions can help!


Logo Design Services
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Whether you're in need of a new logo, a refresh, or product branding, DMA Solutions can expertly create a design that fulfills your vision.


Strategic Press Release Plan
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Press releases are the fundamental building blocks to any PR plan and are essential to staying relevant within your industry news.


Media Kit Creation
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Think of a media kit as a one-stop shop to introduce your brand to editors looking to learn more about you.


Professional Recipe and Photography Package
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Research shows that eye-catching visuals and photography increase people's willingness to read a piece of content by 80%.


Maximize Social Media Performance
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Social media success ultimately lies in reaching the right audiences and delivering relevant messages on behalf of your brand.


Build a Better Website for Your Brand
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As the focal point that drives all of the online and digital activities for your brand, your website is one of the most important assets you can possess.


Social Media Graphics Package
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Graphics such as photos, videos and visual content account for 93% of the most engaging posts on Facebook.


What our product clients are saying:

"We knew we needed a starting place to progress our social media strategy for Garden Highway, and DMA Solutions’ Social Media Assessment was able to help us take the first step. Their team produced an in-depth, highly insightful road map that my team internally was able to use to help determine our strategy to grow and engage effectively with our communities."

Nelia Alamo, Renaissance Food Group / Garden Highway

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