Social Media Assessment & Plan

Social media is an ever-changing and necessary tool for brands. Staying active and engaged across social media networks allows you to communicate with your audience where they spend most of their time online.

Our team will help grow your audience, and make sure that you're communicating with them effectively on a regular basis while saving you time and money with our efficient approach.  Best of all, we can have you up and running in 45 days or less.


Your social media assessment will include:

  • An analysis of your current social media activity and audience across multiple platforms
  • Strategic recommendations for who to target, and how to effectively communicate with them on each social platform
  • Two months of social media content that implements our proposed new strategy
  • Management tools to help you track your goals and budget

How to get started:

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See Examples of Our Work

Contemporary Twist to An Esteemed Brand

As a long-standing and well-respected brand, Duda Farm Fresh Foods needed a visual facelift while sticking to its roots and the reputable brand they've established. We recognized that Duda’s consumer brand, Dandy®, had the opportunity to reach a new demographic on its social media channels by adapting its brand voice and overall feel into a more contemporary and youthful personality. 

Utilizing the style guide we thoughtfully created for the Dandy® brand, we saw a 144% YOY growth in social community size and a 65% increase in YOY Instagram engagements. 

Elevating Your Social Media Presence through Design

When adopting new social media clients, it is imperative to the integrity of the brand that time is spent upfront to decide how to show up on social media.

Every brand is different and your social media should convey that uniqueness. We create social media style guides to do just that - serve as a guide for everything you do on social media, from photography and fonts, to designed graphics and textures! Not only does this guide help to elevate your social media presence, it is also what helps visually tie all of your marketing activations together.

Social Media Partnerships that Yield Big Results

Natural Delights was looking to grow it’s community and tap into a brand new audience on social media.

Our team worked to secure a relationship with another brand, Theo Chocolate, who was aligned with them from a branding and beliefs standpoint, to execute a giveaway that would yield new community members as well as generate a significant increase in overall engagement. This partnership exceeded community growth goals by 80% and engagement goals by 115%!

Healthy 4 You Flash Promotion

To elevate Brussels sprouts, green beans, cauliflower and zucchini at the start of the New Year, 4Earth Farms offered consumers inspiration and ways to incorporate fresh vegetables into healthy recipes along with opportunities to win exciting prizes. With this social media flash promotion we aimed to increase brand awareness of 4Earth Farms among shoppers while also increasing overall engagement and community size.

We also utilized influencer recipe content using 4Earth’s products. This flash promotion exceeded engagement goals by 558% and new Instagram follower goals by 291%!

Strategic Social Partnership

Natural Delights partnered with Simple Green Smoothies to elevate awareness of Medjool dates’ nutritional benefits during January when shoppers are at the height of health and wellness mindfulness. The goal was to not only grow product awareness with Simple Green Smoothies' highly relevant audience but to also grow Natural Delights' Instagram following by hosting a joint flash promotion.

This partnership resulted in nearly 1,000 new Instagram followers and 6,700+ engagements. 

Community-Minded Retail Partnership

Our team created and launched a Facebook/Instagram ad for Natural Delights to inform customers of their support of Brighter Bites by donating $0.25 for every package purchased at select H-E-B stores. The goal of these ads was to create awareness of the partnership, drive store traffic, and increase sales of Natural Delights’ Medjool Dates.

These ads garnered a 135% increase in impressions (453,139 impressions) compared to a previous retailer ad and 5,118 link clicks thus driving great engagement at a CPC of $0.29.

Dog-loving Social Strategy

Knowing the large population of dog-lovers and that celery is a healthy treat for our furry friends, Dandy celery was introduced as the ultimate snack for both humans and their dogs through this multi-faceted Dog Days of Summer sweepstakes.

The social piece of the larger sweepstakes included flash promotion giveaways throughout the sweepstakes that were themed with different dog-loving prizes and call outs, branded Giphy stickers, and targeted ads to drive traffic to the larger sweepstakes. We also encouraged user-generated content from our audience by asking that they share photos of their dogs and tag us. This was an additional way to generate buzz and participation in the promotion. This social strategy brought the following results:

  • Over 1,000 new Instagram followers
  • 6,521 link clicks from social 1
  • 21 story mentions
  • 2 million Giphy sticker views

Social Media Scavenger Hunt

As a brand that is only available in the summertime, and is many times sold under importer brands, Summer Citrus from South Africa wanted to create a promotion that would get both consumers and retailers excited about their products being in store.

DMA created Taste of Summer advertisements that mirrored flash promotions in order to intrigue audiences to both follow our page and participate in a scavenger hunt to find our fruit. Consumers were asked to go to their local grocery store and post a picture with the fruit once they found it. If they were unable to, we asked that they tag their retailers to let them know they wanted the fruit to be available in store. In conjunction, we ran retailer ads driving consumers to areas and stores in which we knew fruit was available.

This strategy brought the following results:

  • 583,108 brand impressions
  • 10,003 social media engagements
  • 29,987 website visits
Duda Celery Post

Traffic-Driving Content Strategy

After launching a new website with a product locator, our social media experts wanted to drive traffic to the product locator through social posts during one of the top celery usage occasions of the year: Thanksgiving. With a series of boosted posts leading up to the national holiday similar to this one, we were able to drive consumers to engage with the website by searching for where they could find Duda products in their area.

As a result, we collected valuable data about the zip codes and regions consumer searches occurred that Duda was able to leverage with their sales team.

Why DMA?

DMA Solutions is a full-service marketing agency dedicated to supporting fresh foods, floral and better-for-you products. DMA Solutions got its start in 2004 by elevating fresh produce companies and their products in a once commodity-centric industry. Turning ordinary commodities into trusted, desired brands. Now, we’ve expanded our efforts to support your marketing and design needs and to drive meaningful results for your brand.

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