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Lizzy Hymel

Brand Specialist

Lizzy is a passionate marketer with an entrepreneurial spirit. Her ability to achieve results in a fast-paced environment will make her a valuable addition to the DMA team. As a brand specialist, Lizzy will utilize her marketing experience to develop strategies and marketing plans on behalf of DMA’s clients. 

While achieving an MBA from The University at Lafayette, Lizzy held several marketing jobs where she gained experience working on brand messaging guides, social media management, photography, etc. She even started her own company, Kneedy Pasta, where she fully developed, branded and managed every aspect of the business. 

Lizzy is passionate about all things food! From creating her own pasta company to the many hours spent in the kitchen creating her favorite Asian-inspired dishes, Lizzy’s excitement for the work we do at DMA makes her a natural fit for our company and a valuable asset to the industry we serve. 

Lizzy's Enneagram Number

6 The Loyalist

Lizzy's Top 5 Strengths:

1. Communication
2. Woo
3. Significance
4. Strategic
5. Activator

Lizzy's Archetype

Gabby_archetype (002)




Fun Facts About Lizzy:

What is your favorite wine?
Cabernet Sauvignon
What is a unique talent you have?
I can walk on my hands. It's my well-known party trick. 
What is your favorite country you have traveled to so far?

Spain, no question about it!