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Hannah Wadley

Director of People and Operations
Connect with Hannah :

Hannah is a strong leader who sets big goals for herself and others. Being the first in her role as Director of People and Operations at DMA, Hannah’s natural leadership skills and passion for people aid her as she works to develop the marketers at DMA, guide the culture, and improve overall operations for the business.

Hannah is responsible for managing people development, resource management, recruiting, training, and operations at DMA. Hannah also looks to create exceptional experiences to strengthen and further develop the company’s culture by working closely with the founder and CEO.

Hannah graduated from Texas Tech University with a double major in business administration, earning degrees in both marketing and management. Her interest in fresh produce and fresh food began at a young age watching her father work in the industry for over 35 years. Hannah is a newlywed and loves spending time with her husband, family, and friends, and is always looking for a chance to plan her next travel adventure.

Hannah 's Enneagram Number

8 The Challenger

Hannah 's Top 5 Strengths:

1. Individualization
2. Responsibility
3. Discipline
4. Focus
5. Positivity

Hannah 's Archetype


Fun Facts About Hannah :

What is something you are obsessed with?
Where is your favorite place to travel?
Any place with white sandy beaches and crystal clear water
What is your favorite thing to do with your free time?

Create an itinerary and plan my next trip