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Hena Husain

Senior Social Media Specialist
Connect with Hena:

Hena is a determined social media strategist who is passionate about her clients and her work. Motivated by a creative spirit, Hena is regularly envisioning social media content for her clients to ensure they come out on top and make an impact on any platform. Hena is friendly, down-to-earth and a visual thinker, which makes her the perfect addition to DMA Solutions as a Senior Social Media Specialist.

With nearly five years of experience, Hena brings experience from her early career in digital marketing where she helped cast vision and create content strategies for businesses in Dallas. 

Hena received a Bachelor of Arts in Advertising from the University of North  Texas, graduating Magna Cum Laude in 2018.  When she isn’t working hard helping clients elevate their brands on social media, Hena can be found planning her next trip, studying typography, and honing her photography skills.

Hena's Enneagram Number

6 The Loyalist

Hena's Top 5 Strengths:

1. Contentedness
2. Restorative
3. Intellection
4. Learner
5. Discipline

Hena's Archetype

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Fun Facts About Hena:

What is your favorite country that you have traveled to so far?
What are your road trip snacking essentials?
Kit Kats, Takis and Arizona Green Tea
What is something you are obsessed with?