Mariah Demery

Senior Social Media Specialist
Connect with Mariah:

Mariah’s creativity, drive, and originality make her a true asset to the DMA communications team. In addition to exuding her infectious optimism, she is one of those rare individuals who is as proficiently strategic and data-driven as she is artistic, a truly invaluable quality for a social media specialist. Mariah’s extensive experience managing social media, prowess as a food blogger and photographer, and belief in the transformational power of access to fresh, healthy food all contribute to her success as a well-rounded communications professional.

Mariah takes ownership of every project on her plate, and her excitement to conquer challenges and find new ways to delight clients result in work that is as engaging as it is effective. In brainstorming sessions, Mariah is the first to add color and flare to new ideas, and always ensures they align with long-term strategy.

Mariah graduated from Louisiana State University with her bachelor’s degree in business administration and management, including a minor in English and creative writing. When she isn’t dreaming up the next viral social media advertisement, Mariah can be found traveling, volunteering, or winning a debate about one of the many Disney movies she knows by heart.

Mariah's Top 5 Strengths:

1. Strategic

2. Relator

3. Achiever

4. Focus 

5. Communications

Mariah's Archetype





Fun Facts About Mariah:

Do you have any unique talents?
I can do Disney princess voice impressions!
If you could choose anyone to narrate your life, who would you pick?
Maya Angelou or RuPaul Charles
What are some of your favorite hobbies?
Cooking (and eating!), designing tattoos, and working with animal rescues and other philanthropic organizations.