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Posted by DMA Solutions TeamNovember 14, 2014 1:48 PM

engagement_postWith the holiday season right around the corner, consumers are rapidly turning to the internet to search for the perfect recipe to get their foodie on. This includes searching for your products, eagerly looking to take a crack at cooking with seasonal produce. These next few months are a prime-time for produce marketers to offer consumers not only the recipe ideas they want, but also create engaging content on the platforms where they can connect with consumers. Here are three best-practices during the holiday season to stay connected and delight your target audience.

1.  Engage consumers via social with eye-catching photography.

Social media marketing raises awareness of your brand, raises the number of leads with detailed information, and increases the average number of daily visitors through social media exposure. There’s no better time than now to organically increase engagement by connecting with your audience because they don’t need to be actively told to look for recipes-they’re doing it all on their own. With the upcoming plethora of food holidays coming up, consumers are actively searching for new recipes to delight their guests. Visuals are processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than text is with 90% of information transmitted to the brain being visual. Information you want to communicate is communicated best by using an aesthetically pleasing image on social media platforms. Taking the time to post content that is relevant, creative and easy on the eyes will likely get someone who thought they didn’t like sweet potatoes to give them another shot.

2.  Create a downloadable recipe eBook reflecting current food trends.

In a time when recipes are in demand, what could be better than creating and sharing fresh, innovative and relevant content that fits your audience’s lifestyle? With the current food trends that are sweeping the country, vegan and gluten-free diets are more mainstream now than ever. Luckily for us, fresh produce provides a bountiful, colorful and flavorful outlet for followers of these special diets to indulge. This year’s holiday season consumers are looking for healthy swaps, vegan and gluten-free options to their staple holiday recipe. Creating a downloadable recipe eBook reflecting these trends will not only create consumer contacts, but will keep you connected with your audience’s preferences.

3. Host a sweepstakes or contest.

As a consumer, nothing sounds sweeter during holiday season than the word “gift” or “freebie.” Offering existing followers an incentive for their participation in sweepstakes or a simple contest will drive new users to engage. It’s likely that sweepstake participants share the details of the giveaway with their friends--the more the merrier! These “giving” centric activities are a surefire way to see immediate increase in online engagement.

We have the good fortune of marketing products that are perfect for holiday marketing in so many ways.  There’s an abundance of new and on trend ideas to enrich your social media engagement to motivate healthy choices. Watch this video for more quick inspiration and ideas for enriching your social media engagement. 

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