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Lexi Cassidy
Posted by Lexi CassidyNovember 10, 2017 2:02 PM

In today’s world, consumer-focused marketing efforts increasingly require a well-planned social media strategy to stay relevant and present in the right place at the right time. While having the right talent in place to manage these channels is the first step, equipping them with the right information and tools is equally as important. That’s why we love creating free helpful resources like our Social Media Calendar, to make it easier for marketers to make informed plans surrounding your social media content. 

2018 marks the 3rd year of releasing this highly-downloaded tool, and we’re excited to share that NEW this year, the 2018 calendar will be released in two installments. Each installment will have six months full of the most current industry trends, tips, and inspiration so marketers can be assured they are using the most up to date information to elevate their brands.


If you aren’t already convinced that you need such a tool, let us give you a few scenarios to imagine: 

  1. You’re a strawberry grower who finds out that it’s National Strawberry Day two days after it’s over. That’s cato-straw-phic.
  2. You’re pushing avocado toast when sweet potato toast is the new rage. Plus there was that second where avocados were clearly to blame for millennials not buying houses.
  3. You’re a member of the Cajun holy trinity and you totally spaced that Mardi Gras happens in February… on a Tuesday.
  4. Or you’re posting about National Pie Day in May. At least that’s 3.14 months too late.

So go ahead and download the first 6 months of our 2018 Social Media Calendar now to guarantee that you avoid these scenarios!

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