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Marci Allen
Posted by Marci AllenSeptember 21, 2018 12:39 PM

“To achieve great things, two things are needed: a plan, and not quite enough time.” 

― Leonard Bernstein, composer and conductor

When Fresh Summit draws near, the to-do list seems to keep growing no matter how committed you are to checking things off the list.  It’s the inevitable reality of bringing so many variables together for a smooth show experience that helps all team members meet their goals. 

Here are a few tips we’ve learned through the years to minimize the number of times we wake up in a cold sweat during those last few weeks. (We’re not the only ones who have Fresh Summit nightmares where we forget to ship the booth, right?!?)


Planning for Fresh Summit Success

  • Identify a point person from all departments who will play a role in making your show a success and commit to meeting weekly to keep the group accountable for all the balls in the air. It may feel like you are the Fresh Summit Lone Ranger because the buck stops with you, but it should truly be a group commitment to bring all the pieces together for a shared outcome.
  • Create a shared document on your intranet, company server or on a Google drive that has the laundry list of to-dos all in one place. Make sure all your key players are noting shared updates and regularly making their own updates so that your weekly meetings are fruitful and brief.
  • Prepare a binder of all the seemingly mundane communications and super important confirmations to have with you onsite so that when something unravels (and it will), you don’t have to trust your already frazzled memory to get things sorted out.
  • On that note, create one document with ALL your show contact info in one simple place for easy reference when the unraveling begins. We’re talking everything from your freight company to your stress ball vendor to the catering company.  Eliminate the need to shuffle through your binder just to find a phone number.
  • And lastly, create your Fresh Summit plan well in advance and work the plan. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel at the last minute just because a long awaited product launch or company change finally comes to fruition two weeks before the show.  It may seem like a missed opportunity to not talk about those things (and maybe there’s a way to work them into relevant one-on-one conversations in the booth), but the truth is that all big news deserves a thoughtful and purposeful communication strategy to net the results you really want.  And a booth graphic here or there is not that. Save yourself some sleepless nights and get better results for your company by keeping your sights set on an effective strategy.


Still not sure how you’ll be able to get it all done? We can help! Let our seasoned tradeshow team help you get some time back to focus on what you really need to by emailing


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