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Posted by DMA Solutions TeamMarch 2, 2016 11:31 AM

CoreBanner_ViralVideoOpportunity.pngUnless you hate cooking delicious food (and as fresh produce marketers, we hope this isn’t the case!) you’ve likely witnessed an overwhelming trend on your Facebook newsfeed in the past 6 months: 15+ second videos of mouthwatering comfort food how-tos, followed by the now familiar “Oh yeah - tasty!” ending to each clip. Featuring food like cheesy pretzel pizza and puff pastries drowned in Nutella, these videos have been shared into oblivion. Launched in July 2015, the masses have dubbed them “Tasty videos” and the official Tasty Facebook page rocketed to celebrity status with a whopping 34 million+ likes.

There’s no denying the catchiness of these viral sensations. But we can’t help but noticed that something is missing. In all their carb + cheese-filled glory, these videos frequently miss the boat on fresh, healthy recipes. As evidenced by the comments section of many of these videos (see below), there’s a HUGE opportunity for fresh produce brands to fill this void. This is a great example of giving consumers the content that they want, the way they want it.


So why are these videos SO popular? Well, at their most basic content level, they tap into a simple truth: “People love tasty foods and the kind of foods that remind them of their childhood, comfort food, or food that reminds them of an experience,” says Frank Cooper, Buzzfeed’s chief marketing officer.

But the significant impressions they’ve garnered are due to the fact that each Tasty video is tailor-made specifically for Facebook. They’re also optimized for Facebook’s autoplay feature, which starts playing videos without the sound on as people scroll through their newsfeeds. Not surprisingly, the most recent Facebook algorithm change favors video content like this that keeps people on Facebook longer instead of redirecting to an outside application.

On a greater level, these videos speak to the millennial-minded nature of today’s social media content. “Quick, to-the-point multimedia is what people want, simply because it's more convenient. No one wants to spend valuable time on such remedial tasks as reading or calling a grandmother for recipes anymore,” writes the State Press.

“Tasty” has led a food revolution to render cookbooks useless with its hypnotic ability to make every dish look doable. This is the future of food at our fingertips! The sooner we make eating fresh produce look easy (and tasty), the sooner we drive the demand for fresh fruits and veggies through the roof. Here’s an example of how we see fresh produce companies taking advantage of this video opportunity:

So if you’re looking to bring new, on-trend creative juice like what you see in this video to your social feed but you aren’t sure how to start, let us know! We’re here to help.

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