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Marci Allen
Posted by Marci AllenJanuary 7, 2020 7:30 PM

“We don’t really have the budget to work with an agency.”

As you can imagine, we’ve heard that line a time or two (or two hundred), and we’ve learned over the past 15 years that those words are often accompanied by a misunderstanding of the services and solutions available for brands in the fresh produce space. (And hey, that makes sense—we ourselves once held a very different understanding of agency services too.) Thus, it’s only fitting that we take the opportunity to dispel lingering myths about working with an agency to support your marketing efforts.


Living in a Project World

Not every marketer has the luxury of a large budget and an annual business strategy around which to build a robust marketing program—and that’s okay! The priority in these cases is to find ways to be thoughtful and leverage the dollars and resources you do have in order to make the maximum impact.

Our team lends support to brands through a variety of project services, such as:

Projects are priced depending on the scope of each client’s specific needs, so it’s always best to talk with us about the specific services you’re looking for and the budget you’re working with. We can help you determine what’s feasible—and when budget is tight, we can help identify areas where we can share the work, so that you get the expertise and support you need from us while minimizing cost and time commitments.

Buried in the Day-to-Day

Sometimes, you may just need help checking things off your immediate to-do list—that’s a frequent reality for marketers, and we get it! All the work leading up to tradeshows in particular can be anxiety-inducing, with week after week of deadlines—all while your regular responsibilities must go on.

Whatever your needs, we can help. Maybe you just need help with a new booth structure but have the rest under control, or perhaps your sales collateral is outdated and doesn’t reflect the messaging or product assortment you’ll be showcasing. We understand that every marketer’s situation is different, so no ask is too big or too small! We firmly believe the only “bad” question is the one you don’t ask.


Fresh Summit is coming to Dallas in 2020!

Unique to 2020, Fresh Summit is coming to Dallas, our home city. Because Dallas is a new convention city for the fresh produce industry, we want to help produce marketers make it their best show yet! Whether you're looking for support with 2020 project work for a fixed period of time, long-term help with your marketing efforts, or just a little insight into preparing for this year's show, reach out to us for more information.


Hopefully we’ve provided new perspective on the range of available possibilities for project work—one that frees you up to explore short-term solutions when you need outside help, whether it be copywriting support, design creation or tactical execution. Let 2020 be the year you leverage agency support to meet your marketing goals, no matter what they encompass.

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