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Hena Husain

Hena Husain

What We Know About Clubhouse

Posted by Hena Husain on March 30, 2021 6:00 AM

There’s a new social media platform called Clubhouse and it seems as though it is what people in social media and marketing circles want to talk... Read More

Staying Connected Virtually with Coworkers in 2021

Posted by Hena Husain on January 26, 2021 6:00 AM

We are seeing our coworkers now more than ever and yet they are still many miles away. It’s a given that Zoom isn’t going anywhere in 2021 and many... Read More

Social Media Customer Service Tips

Posted by Hena Husain on October 29, 2020 6:30 AM

Social media is almost like having a storefront. While perusing through, customers naturally have questions and possibly some comments about your... Read More

Three Social Media Activities You Can Try Now to Boost Website Traffic

Posted by Hena Husain on August 25, 2020 6:00 AM

As a newbie to the DMA Solutions social media team, I'm intrigued by the amount of data we are able to retrieve from the marketing activities that we... Read More

What It's Like Being a New Hire During a Global Pandemic

Posted by Hena Husain on August 13, 2020 6:00 AM

I began my journey with DMA Solutions right at the beginning of the evolving pandemic, in early March. At the time, I don’t think we realized how the... Read More

Four Questions to Guide Your Social Media Communications This Summer

Posted by Hena Husain on May 19, 2020 12:06 PM

Social media marketing is a powerful tool when communicating with our end consumers, especially when navigating a pandemic. The communication shared... Read More

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