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Marci Allen

Marci Allen

Marci Allen has been with DMA Solutions since the beginning in 2005. She brings 16 years of expertise in the fresh produce and foodservice industries and specializes in analyzing client communication efforts and making strategic adjustments to maximize returns.
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Helpful Holiday Statistics for Fresh Produce Marketers

Posted by Marci Allen on October 27, 2021 6:30 AM

As we round the corner in September and look to the next few months, we've got nothing but green lights ahead as food marketers. With holiday... Read More

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Why Creativity Should Be One of Your Top Priorities

Posted by Marci Allen on August 24, 2021 6:15 AM

Research on the topic of creativity in the workplace seems to converge on the same conclusion: creativity leads to productivity. I think we could all... Read More

Most Read Blog Posts of 2021

Posted by Marci Allen on July 20, 2021 6:00 AM

We've hit the halfway mark in our 2021 marketing journey, and have been taking a look back at not only our client's marketing performance, but also... Read More

Website Details That Are Critical for Digital Success

Posted by Marci Allen on May 5, 2021 10:29 AM

Your website is your most important sales, marketing, and communication tool. There are a few aspects of your site that are commonly overlooked, and... Read More

Fresh Summit 2020 FAQs

Posted by Marci Allen on September 23, 2020 6:00 AM

As we’ve been helping clients navigate set-up of their Fresh Summit Marketplace pages these past two weeks, several questions have surfaced that we... Read More

United Fresh Live! - The Hot Industry Question

Posted by Marci Allen on May 20, 2020 6:00 AM

With all the upheaval that COVID-19 has caused in businesses lately, it seems we have been shifting to plan B in just about every area you can... Read More

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