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Brand champion, strategic leader and team player are terms that simply scratch the surface of describing Mari Cobb. With over 10 years of marketing experience, Mari’s engaging, “big-picture” mindset makes her the perfect addition to the DMA team and fresh produce industry as a whole.

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If you’re not closing deals with your current sales deck, it’s time to make some changes. Your audience might listen to dozens of presentations, so it's important that your time with them leaves a lasting impression. Here's our guide to creating an impactful presentation!
It's never a bad time to start optimizing your website for search engines. Why? Because it can take a while to start seeing results. Businesses that invest in SEO see increased website traffic that results in more lead generation and ultimately, sales. Use these tips to improve your SEO rankings today!
By now, you’ve likely heard some buzz about ChatGPT - so have we! It seems like there are at least 50 news stories about this topic online every day. So before we put all our marketing dollars into this new disruptive technology, we did a deep dive on this program to find out what it is, and what it means for our industry. 
The back-to-school season poses a huge opportunity for those of us in the fresh produce industry as shoppers get back into the routine of making lunches for their kids every day. In fact, according to Pinterest Trends, searches for terms related to back-to-school preparation tend to skyrocket in August. Discover how to get an A+ on your back-to-school marketing campaign!
Want to reach new consumers? What about boost your consumer engagement? One way to do BOTH of these things is by hosting a consumer promotion! By hosting a consumer promotion, brands have the opportunity to communicate directly with their target audience. DMA Solutions has helped several of our clients expand their reach and boost engagement through consumer promotions, and over the years, we've learned what makes them successful.
Setting your brand up for success today requires clever storytelling capabilities that clearly define the hero, the villain and the guide in the brand story. This exercise results in more intentional marketing which in return, delivers preference and purchase intent from the people buying your products and/or services.