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Kendra Knieriem
Posted by Kendra KnieriemJuly 18, 2017 3:00 PM

It seems that every time you open Facebook lately, somebody is going live. This helpful and engaging way to connect with audiences is taking over social media, and you may have pondered if you should “go live” or not. While we love the live possibilities for marketers, there a few things to keep in mind before you click that "Go Live" button. Here are our best practices to ensure your next live video grows and engages your audiences without pushing them away. 


Practice ahead of time

If you know the location where you will be going live, do a trial run. Take a video on your phone to ensure that the lighting and sound are visible and clear. Your audience is going to lose interest quickly if they cannot see or hear your live video. Use these imperfect video tips to help make your live video the best it can be and ensure you’re delivering quality content to your audiences.


Promote beforehand

Once you establish the exact day and time that you plan to go live, let your audiences know. Give them a quick teaser about what they can expect to see and let them know when they should stop back by your page. This will build excitement and momentum behind your live post and hopefully give you a higher number of viewers on the day of. You can even use this teaser post as a chance to ask if there are any questions your audiences would like answered. These are perfect pieces of information that you can include in your video!


Engage with audiences

One of our favorite parts of going live is the direct connection it builds with audiences. While you have your audiences engaged, ask them to ask questions. You can easily answer these questions in your live video, or go back afterwards and respond to these questions in the comments section. This really lets audiences feel heard and helps to humanize your brand. 



Once you discover the magic of Facebook live, it can be tempting to want to go live for any and everything involving your brand. Audiences love live videos because they feel as if they are getting an exclusive insider’s look. By doing an excess amount of videos, audiences will become accustomed to them and are less likely to tune in to them in the future. 


While you can't always predict what will happen with live video (that's half the fun isn't it?), using these tips will ensure that your brand gets the most out of it. Check out these ideas to spark some video inspiration for your brand and give it a shot. Let us know how it works out and stay tuned to our blog for more social media tips! 


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