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Posted by DMA Solutions TeamFebruary 19, 2014 3:58 AM

hammerIf you’re like many of today’s marketers, you may find yourself wearing a variety of hats and challenged to keep up with trends while also staying within budget. Good news! Marketing agencies offer broad skill sets as well as increased bandwidth and are often less expensive than hiring more full-time employees. Whether your company’s marketing department sports a one-man show, a sales manager that doubles up as a marketing manager, or a full-blown team of specialists, a marketing agency may be a resource you’ll find helpful. Here are seven ways to get the most bang for your buck when working with a marketing agency.

  1. Visual Asset and Collateral Design Projects – Need a new logo? How about a booth backdrop, banner stand, product sell sheet, recipe card or social media art? Agencies can whip up projects like these in jiffy. Plus, they’ll likely be willing to coordinate printing and shipping, too.
  2. Tradeshow Planning – Let an agency help establish your company’s messaging and theme, procure a booth structure, coordinate sampling and/or submit appropriate logistical paperwork. With these details off of your mind, you can focus on getting your team ready for quality face time with customers.
  3. Promotion Support – If you’re launching a promotion that will involve regular increased workload such as prize fulfillment, sampling and emails, an agency can provide additional manpower. They can also strategize to create the promotion.
  4. Consultation – A marketing agency can provide a fresh perspective and an analysis of your company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that will ultimately help define your marketing objectives, target audiences and brand identity.
  5. Social Media Management – Social networking requires more than just a Facebook post here and a tweet there. Social media management is an ongoing, strategic process that takes continual involvement and deliberate attention to analytics. An outsourced marketing agency can help respond and engage with target audiences effectively and in a timely manner. Plus, they are likely to serve up detailed, meaningful reports that measure success.
  6. Website Design – Whether you need a brand new site from scratch or a refresh, a marketing agency will be happy to help you navigate the process from start to finish. The work should entail web navigation planning, copywriting, SEO and implementing the right keywords so that your site not only looks great, it ranks well in search engines and makes sense to your audience, too!
  7. Inbound Marketing Management – If content creation, list segmentation and email nurturing seem like eating an elephant, outsource an inbound certified agency like DMA Solutions to execute these tasks and make purposeful recommendations. An agency that does inbound marketing can help your company get found online, develop excellent content for your audience, understand where your buyers are in the purchasing process, personalize mass communication and integrate your strategies across all marketing channels.

These are just some of the common requests we’ve experienced as a marketing agency, but the possibilities are endless! For immediate marketing help, visit our library of free marketing resources.

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