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Mackenzie Wortham
Posted by Mackenzie WorthamAugust 7, 2013 4:52 AM

Listen and engage. It’s how many brands have built healthy social media communities. It’s how JetBlue was able to WOW its customers. And it’s something important that we’ve reported on previously. One of the key ingredients to any successful social media strategy is to listen to what your consumers are saying and asking on social media. If we were to ask you right now, would you be able to tell us what your audience is eager to learn more about?

As attentive social media managers, we’re constantly plugged in to various social media platforms and we’ve noticed a lot of trends in what consumer interests, challenges, likes and dislikes are in regards to fresh produce products. Because listening and answering consumer inquiries quickly and effectively is so essential to social strategy, we dove into several FRESH social accounts and gathered a list of some of the most frequent questions and topics that consumers ask multiple times across the board. Are you prepared to quickly respond to these consumer FAQs about your products and services?

  • I would like to know what the calories are in your products.
  • I live in _____. Where can I find your products?
  • How long are these products in season?
  • I LOVE these products, but I have no idea what the plant looks like. Can you post a picture of one?
  • Is it difficult to grow this product?
  • I ate your product before I noticed it says “wash before eating.” Should I be worried?
  • Where can I get coupons for your product?
  • Are these organic?
  • What pesticides do you use?

And the most commonly asked question on social media from consumers…

  • Do you use GMOs or dangerous chemicals?

So there you have it! From our lens in the social-sphere, this is what consumers want to know about fresh produce. Are you listening to them? By answering, you can position yourself as an expert and trusted source for information, a strategy that will keep them coming back for more. And since we know these are the questions consumers want to know, why not make sure each is addressed as effectively as possible on your website? Better yet, create an FAQ page you can easily cite when responding to consumer questions and from there they will likely explore your website! Win-win.

Do you have any commonly asked questions to add to this list from your experience as a fresh produce marketer? Tell us below what you get asked most often by consumers.


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