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Dan'l Mackey Almy
Posted by Dan'l Mackey AlmySeptember 30, 2020 6:00 AM

The stage is set. Virtual Fresh Summit commences on Monday with the beginning of buyer preview. PMA has set the stage. Over 300 exhibitors have stepped up to adapt what they originally had planned for the year’s largest event in fresh produce. Now, it’s on you, buyers to show up and engage.

In many ways, this virtual experience was designed to meet buyers’ needs and to help eliminate many of the challenges the three day face-to-face event created. A virtual Fresh Summit is the ideal space for you to learn, make decisions, and thoughtfully have the time and space to interact with suppliers - existing and new. Products did not stop being developed and services have not ceased from being created.

Working with the amount of fresh produce brands that we do at DMA Solutions, I can say with certainty that suppliers aren’t showing up to these meetings out of desperation or duty for the association. They’re showing up because they have something of value, something to offer. What they have to offer will strengthen your retail stores or company. It’s time for you, buyers, to engage with the companies who have shown up and are buying into this new format.


Here are some resources for you to consider:


On Monday, September 28, PMA hosted the Buyer Webinar. Watch the recording now

See the Fresh Summit platform in action, learn all the ways to discover the latest products, services and companies, how to connect with potential suppliers and have your questions answered. PMA also shared.



New to the PMA website is the Fresh Summit Buyer Resource Guide, featuring tips on how to engage within the platform before, during and after the official event dates. They have also shared the exhibitor list. If you’re looking for a quick tour of the platform, check out the Platform Overview Video.


I do hope we all look back at this moment in time and are proud of the way we showed up for our industry.  I hope we are proud of how we found new ways to do business and buy and sell.  I hope we have a greater understanding of the critical role of marketing has on our ability to sell more.  Because this industry must win, because our efforts have a direct impact on the health of our society!  I am more than honored to be on this journey with each and everyone one of you.

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