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Posted by DMA Solutions TeamJune 22, 2021 6:00 AM

Sales in a slump? Maybe it's time to take a look at your website. Your website is your biggest communication tool and should be one of your biggest sales tools, so use these tips to guide updates you could be making to help improve your website's ability to sell.

Here are 5 tips you can use to boost your sales using your website:

1. Can your website visitor understand what you do within the first 5 seconds of arriving to your website?

Five seconds is such a short amount of time, but it's about the average amount of time that someone will spend reading your content - if you're lucky. Oftentimes we see two extremes with websites: a beautiful image with vague words that confuse people, or a paragraph of text that the average attention span is going to skip right over. Your website should give the elevator pitch to your potential customers the same way you would at a tradeshow. For example, when a customer visits your tradeshow booth and asks you to tell them about the service or product your company provides, you’re not going to give them some abstract, trendy saying, nor are you going to dive into a 5-minute speech. You’re going to give them a few sentences that summarize what you do and why that person should do business with your company. The same should be true of the messaging on your homepage. 

Pro Tip: Structure your messaging like this


2. Do you describe common pain points that your business can solve?

Think about the last time you bought something. If you boil it down, there was likely a problem you were trying to solve when you made the purchase. Perhaps you bought cold medicine because the box promised to relieve you of your cough and congestion. If you have a product or service worth selling, then it is solving a problem for your customer. Clearly identifying the problem on your website shows empathy, and presenting the solution shows that you are an authority to solve that problem, bringing the buyer closer to making a purchase of your product or service.


3. Can your contact information be easily spotted?

If your customer has to scroll a long distance on a website page to find a contact form, you’ve likely already lost a portion of your website visitors. If someone approached you and asked for a business card or a way to get in touch, would you offer to show them examples of your work? Of course not. Instead you would hand them a business card and perhaps ask them a question or two to find out more.

So why is this section of your website more prominent than your contact section? Just as you would have your business card readily on hand during an introduction, you should have a clear call-to-action (CTA) button available for your customer to use to get in touch. 

Example: We love how easy it is to get in touch with Little Bear Produce on their site!


4. Does the information describe what success looks like for your customer?

Now that you've described the pain points that your customer might be navigating and ultimately brought them to your website, the next step is to describe the benefits and successes that will surface as a result of working with your company.  At DMA Solutions, we often ask our clients to answer the question, "What does success look like at the end of the project?"  This is a great question to keep top of mind when drafting website copy to help your customer navigate and want to speak with you to learn more.


5. Does your website use confusing language or jargon?

As marketers, we are professionals at not only using jargon, but creating jargon that oftentimes people don't understand!  When taking a step back to review your website, look for common terms that you often use internally or with industry professionals that new entrants into your world may not immediately understand.  For instance, in #3 above, we used the term call-to-action (CTA) and described it specifically as a "button available for your customer to use to get in touch."  Be sure that if you are using jargon in your website copy, that you back it up with a definition to bring your customer along with your business with proper context in mind.

A lot of times, people that choose to work with DMA Solutions to create a new or optimize an existing website simply do not have time to do the work involved.  This is why we are here!  Most times marketers are concerned with their limited budget and believe that a solution is far away.  This is where DMA's Website Audit comes in handy!  Our team can assess your website's performance and provide you with a plan to help your company optimize this important sales tool and get you on a path you can be proud of.  Let us help.

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