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Hena Husain
Posted by Hena HusainJune 30, 2021 6:00 AM

Let's just get right down to it....Gen Z is reinventing the wheel for social media marketing. As the next maturing generation, they make up the majority of the opinions that make a significant impact online. According to Digital Information World, 97% of Gen Z consumers use social media platforms as their main source of shopping inspiration which is why it's important to know how to reach this audience when marketing fresh produce.

The big questions is, are your marketing efforts ready for the realities that come along with targeting Gen Z? Keep reading for a high-level list of what you need to know to better reach this evolving generation on social media.

Gen Z & Social Media: What You Need to Know                                                   

  • Gen Z uses multiple screens at once and are getting better and better with multi-tasking.

  • Emojis and GIFs play a major role in their communication.

    • Pro Tip: Emojis are a quick and easy to add to your social media copy!

  • Video content is a great way to grab Gen Z's attention
    Many create their own content and understand what analytics mean to brands.  Thus, more than other generations, Gen Z values results while remaining authentic and transparent as a brand.

  • They are young foodies looking for ethnic flavors!

    • Pro Tip:  Include more international inspiration on your social channels to cater to their taste buds!

  • They jump on trending content like Memes, sayings and elements in pop-culture quickly and find new things to latch on to quickly.

    • Pro Tip:  Strike the marketing trends while they're hot if this generation is on your target list!

  • Gen Z checks their social media about 100 times a day so remember to be present for them and offer a variety of content.

  • According to Sprout Social, younger consumers want to "do something" or engage with other people's posts.

    • Pro Tip: Polls are a simple way to encourage audience interaction and learn about them, too.

  • As a generation, Gen Z is very interested in how businesses align with the people that work for them.  This helps them make buying decisions!

    • Pro Tip: Highlight your employees to showcase them as part of your brand.

  • Gen Z likes to learn because they have always had access to the Internet, facts and data.

    • Pro Tip: Use as many opportunities as you can to educate consumers and help them learn something interesting about your products.

  • Gen Z uses social media for entertainment!

    • Pro Tip:  Use this as an opportunity to stretch your marketing abilities by sharing humorous memes that are trending.



Our most recent Marketing Matters webinar is full of even more takeaways on this growing and dynamic generation of consumers!  Download the presentation or watch the replay.

Are your social media efforts aligning with the values of Gen Z? If not, give us a call. We'd love to help you assess your current marketing plan and find ways to target this new generation of shoppers!

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