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Leslie Loris
Posted by Leslie LorisSeptember 5, 2018 5:00 AM

Not to scare you or anything, but Fresh Summit is only 44 days away (no judgment if a wash of panic just overtook you—we get it). There might not be time to completely overhaul your marketing plan but there is plenty of time to update one of the most intriguing parts of your brand presence...your visual content!


We know you know this but we can’t help but shout it from the rooftops...VISUAL CONTENT IS A CRUCIAL PART OF YOUR BRANDING EFFORTS. Today’s audiences care about the quality of content you present to them, and they associate poor-quality visual content with poor quality elsewhere.  Marketing professionals know that isn’t always the case but most many are willing to dismiss a brand without much thought.  This simple mistake can negatively impact your branding in the eyes of consumers and trade audiences.


Ok, ok, enough doom and gloom, let’s move on to the happy stuff...there is still plenty of time before Fresh Summit to elevate your brand with updated visual content!  If you know your brand needs help with visual content, here are three types you have the time to create before the big show:


Product Images

If you are launching a new product, or have recently updated your branding or packaging, then be sure to update your photography!  The last thing you want is confusion around brand or product, simply because your photography is outdated.  These simple photos are an easy investment towards a polished and cohesive brand presence at the show (and beyond!).

Visual Content DMA Solutions-Packaging

Packaging photos are a versatile way to build your visual content library. 


Graphics and Photos with Graphic Overlay

Already have some killer visual content?  Then make it go even further by the addition of graphics.  A simple call-to-action can create interest in your brand and spur conversations at the show.  Create a Fresh Summit relevant graphic showcasing your presence at the show, your booth number or even something fun about sunny Orlando!   


 Visual Content DMA Solutions-Graphic Overlay 1Visual Content DMA Solutions-Graphic Overlay 2

Utilize graphics to incentive your customers to take action. 



Recipe Refresh

Are you showcasing old recipes on your website, social media and sales collateral?  Appealing recipe images catch your audience’s attention, and unappealing recipe images...well they don’t get a second thought.  Our team will prepare your existing recipes and create stunning photos that can be utilized for all your marketing needs. 


 Visual Content DMA Solutions-Recipe Refresh

From simple to complex, showcase your products with updated recipe photos.   



Ready to wow the crowd at Fresh Summit?  Let’s talk about how DMA Solutions can support your visual content needs for the show! 


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