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Posted by DMA Solutions TeamApril 7, 2015 11:08 AM

selfieMillennials have grown up. In fact, one of every two female Millennials is a mom now, according to this report. These moms share the same ideals, independence and love for the internet as other Millennials—with all the added responsibilities of parenthood. These millennials have shown to be more focused on what’s good to eat than what’s considered “bad” to eat. So how can fresh produce companies effectively reach this demographic with enormous buying power and potential? Take a look at the infographic below for a few tips on how brands can aim to help millennial moms:


Source: babycenter® 21st CENTURY MOM® Insights Series | IAB. | February 2015

The infographic shows us that convenience, couponing, mobility, and social conciousness are all priorities to the millennial mom. Make sure to keep the following in mind:

  • Millennial moms have fewer hours than other millennials. If you have convenience products, use this appeal to attract these moms. Even if you don’t have fresh-cut products of any kind, you can use digital communications like your website and social media to share ease-of-use tips for your products to help busy parents.
  • Digital couponing is becoming more popular amongst millennials. Fresh produce brands should consider harnessing the power of these coupons using apps and services like iBotta.
  • Many millennial moms conduct research on the fly using their mobile devices. If your website isn’t mobile friendly, you’re practically chasing this audience away. Make sure you are mobile-friendly.
  • Millennial moms, along with a majority of millennials, are interested in purchasing brands that “do good.” This includes a perception that organic and natural foods have a better effect on the environment and their bodies. Utilize these buzz terms in your marketing and packaging.
  • And finally, millennials that have become parents are spending time researching and connecting with similar consumers in online communities. Make sure you are an active participant in the places where you know your audience is spending time – like social media.

Remember, digitally-savvy consumers like to engage with brands that offer them helpful information and tips that appeal to their interests and needs. Avoid the hard-sell and hype when it comes to engaging with millennial moms and you will be one step close to forming positive relationships that will last a lifetime.


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