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Posted by DMA Solutions TeamAugust 2, 2016 12:13 PM

iStock_000015992252_Large.jpgWith the vast amount of social media platforms being used today, there are many useful ways to tap into the potential of analytical tools. Data from analytics can be a potential goldmine of information about your audience. It is no longer enough to simply participate on social media; a brand must be aware of who their audience is, what they respond to, how social media is helping their company and how they measure up to the competition. Here are 4 ways you can leverage social media analytics.

Know your audience

Every social media platform you use gives you access to demographic information about your followers, including the roll out of much anticipated Instagram analytics this week. With information like gender, age, location, occupation, interests and even household income, you have the opportunity to mold your content around a very specific audience. Analyze these insights carefully and determine exactly who your target audience is. Since this information is so readily available, it would be a mistake not to utilize it.

Know what your audience responds to

Knowing which kind of content your audience responds well to is one of the easiest yet most crucial aspects of social media analytics. A quick glance into any platforms insights will tell you what is performing well. For instance, if a kale company’s insights show that content about green smoothies proves to be the top post month after month, you know to continue posting about green smoothies. Whatever you find people like about your brand, leverage it and use that information to plan your content for the next month.

Know how you are benefitting from social media

Using analytics to track your progress on social media is a great way to know where your brand stands, and if you’re on track to meet any goals you may have. Data like follower growth, engagement, reach and impressions tell you how many people your messages are influencing. When it comes to social media advertisements, analytical tools will tell you your cost per result letting you know whether or not the ad was profitable.

Know how you measure up to the competition

Analytical tools will also track the social media progress of your top competitors. You can see where their follower, engagement and post frequency adds up to yours. This is an extremely beneficial tool to know whether your social pages are doing well, or if you need to step up your game. The truth is, your competitors are most likely monitoring your social media numbers, so make sure they are always improving.

Now that you know how to use social media analytics to your advantage, get out there and leverage them to make your platforms the best they can be! If you need additional guidance on how your social media channels are performing and how you can improve, consider a social media assessment. We can help!

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