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Lauren Miller
Posted by Lauren MillerJuly 7, 2020 6:00 AM

As we all recently learned with the conclusion of United Fresh LIVE!  and as some prepare for the next virtual show, Foodservice Delivered,  hosting a virtual tradeshow booth isn’t as easy as one might think.  

With many moving parts and an absolute need for rich online or virtual marketing materials, we couldn’t help but think about public relations and how a strong effort can contribute to the overall success of a virtual tradeshow.

Whether you’re in the process of planning for a tradeshow appearance now or waiting for the right show for your business, follow our tips for maximizing public relations for your presence virtually before, during and after the event.


Tips for Maximizing Public Relations for Virtual Tradeshows:

Have a Media Plan and Prepare to Execute

Having your news and highlights for the trade media planned in advance is our recommendation, and when it comes to trade shows, timing is everything. We recommend planning your news stories, tidbits and highlights at least one month in advance so that there are plenty of things to share leading up to and during the show. Releasing news via a press release to the industry at the beginning of the show is another way to continue to attract visitors to your booth. Using platforms like social media (we recommend LinkedIn for trade shows), you are able to synchronize your media releases and stories with the images and content you’re planning to share on social media throughout the show.


Connect with Media Ahead of the Show

To ensure members of the fresh produce trade media visit your virtual booth, we recommend reaching out to your key contacts to invite them to the booth approximately one month in advance of the show. Don’t forget to include intriguing details about what you’re showcasing and why you think your booth is a highlight. You might also share your media plan with them so they can prepare stories according to your timeline.


Have Press Materials and Assets Ready to Go

Company fact sheets, recently published news, executive bios and headshots (media kits) are all great examples of materials to have on hand should a writer or editor visit your booth seeking more information and details about the genius behind the story. With over 16 years managing public relations in the fresh produce industry, these are the most frequently requested assets that we recommend having available. If you need help creating these or knowing how to get started, our PR team are experts in this area and would love to help!


Put Your Best Visuals Forward

A good marketing and PR campaign can and should work together to provide a cohesive written and visual story for the reader and/or booth visitor. When planning your booth assets, make sure your visuals represent the story that you’re telling to the media, on social media and on your website.


Keep Going When the Show is Over

Once the show is over, don’t let the public relations and media connections stop. Keep the virtual show momentum going by thanking the members of the media that stopped by your virtual booth and use the opportunity to share highlights from the show that you want their readers to know. If your story isn’t being published, find out why and adapt your approach to give media writers what they need to help share your story better.


Navigating the news cycle pre, during, and post tradeshow is an ever-important element of a well-rounded tradeshow marketing campaign so use these tips to help you amplify your virtual presence! If you don’t have a media contact to reach out to, we talk to editors at major publications every day and would love to help. 

Schedule a call with our PR team to brainstorm how we can elevate your brand to trade and national media today! 

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