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Lexi Cassidy
Posted by Lexi CassidyMay 12, 2019 7:00 AM

Where would we all be today without the wisdom of our moms—who else would have kept us from eating mud pies (or suspiciously made half our Halloween candy disappear, according to my own long-held suspicions)? Just in time for Mother’s Day, and in honor of all those out there who taught us how to be functional adults and successful professionals, we’ve put together a list of some famous “mom-isms” that apply to the work we do every day. There is far too much “mom wisdom” in the universe for a comprehensive list, but here are our top three blasts from the past that provide a little motherly marketing knowledge even today.


“Do you think money grows on trees?”

Arguably, this one can get a little confusing in our line of work, because in fact: yes it does, MOM. (Sort of…well, maybe not.) But in reality, this phrase was the last thing we wanted to hear from our moms when we were growing up—and likewise, it’s the last thing we want to hear a client say to us now! However, recognize that it’s just as important to know and respect budgets now that we’re adults (well, maybe it’s a little more important now…) as it was back in our teen years when we begged for the latest Dolly or JT album. While it’s easy to revert to child-like excitement over a great new idea, it’s important to remember that just like our clients’ products, money trees are susceptible to Mother Nature—so marketers, be keenly aware of when you’re in a fruitful season as opposed to a season of drought.


“Did you try opening your eyes?”

Ah, the keen ability that so many mothers seem to possess: know exactly where everything is and be able to find it immediately. (Side note: does that fabled second pair of eyes appear on the cranium immediately after giving birth to a child? Asking for a friend.). Much like our younger selves, many times, your decision-makers may not be able to see the potential of a pitched campaign right in front of them. That’s where we come in: it’s our job to illustrate the bigger picture—albeit with a little more patience than some of our lovely moms, who may or may not have exasperatedly sighed to us more than once.


“Eat your fruits and veggies”

Clearly our favorite, we like to think we’ve done our mothers proud with this one. Mom knew from the beginning that fresh produce is important for growing healthy kids—and a healthy society. While we might not have always loved this particular mantra growing up, it’s a big part of why we feel good about the work we do today, and why you should too, our fellow industry friends!


In a day all about them, let’s not forget to thank our moms—and all who take up that mantle—for all the trouble they helped us avoid, the adventures they undertook with us, and the invaluable lessons they taught us along the way.


Have a favorite marketing "mom-ism" we left out? Leave us a comment below or reach out to us on Twitter @TheCoreBlog!

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