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Mariah Demery
Posted by Mariah DemeryJune 28, 2019 6:08 PM

We are often tasked with finding new and innovative ways of connecting fresh produce brands. Capitalizing on trends that appeal to consumers is an excellent way to bridge a gap between brands and their target audiences. One recent trend that has been taking millennials, Gen Z, parents of small children, and influencers by storm is the pop-up art installation trend. For the past year, we have been pondering whether there is a way for fresh produce to buy into this trend in order to generate greater awareness about and love for fresh produce products. Companies often invest in activations like this at festivals and events, and while some merely sponsor products within the pop-up, others use it as an opportunity to educate and give back. 


What IS the pop-up experience trend?


These pop-ups are part museum, part art installation, and part massive educational photo booth. Usually they center around a particular theme, such as ice cream, candy, pizza, or even eggs. Within the walls of these installations, the theme is brought to life with interactive and highly visual exhibits, knowledgeable guides to help educate attendees, and even tastings to fully immerse people into the experience through their taste buds. Engaging aspects such as sprinkle pools, confetti canons, or giant fruit swings are just a few examples of the range of memorable moments (and prime photo opps) attendees rush to get in line for.




Is there room for fresh?

There most certainly is! Case in point: World of Fruit opened in June 2019 as the first immersive exhibit dedicated to fresh fruit. This could be just the beginning for the fresh produce industry to break into the trend. Several companies see these pop-ups as ways to interact with their target audience as well as spread the word about their products. These installations quickly become widely popular and excite the audience to share their experience all over their own social feeds and timelines—and often tag brands in the process.



We can’t help but wonder, what would a pop-up dedicated to salads or avocados be like? Wouldn’t it be cool to taste a different fresh item in every room? At the end of such a pop-up, a salad bar or grocery produce section could even be waiting, so that people who want to get a souvenir (or just a tasty treat) have an opportunity to purchase merchandise. Want to check out the trend for yourself? We’ve generated a list of some of the most popular current pop-ups and exhibits in the United States:


With the trend continuing to expand and encompass new themes and locations, it is only a matter of time before more fresh pop-up museums find their way to the front of the pack. Now, the question is: how soon will fresh produce marketers find ways to capitalize on the trend—or find ways to adopt this style of engagement with other aspects of their marketing strategy?


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