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Posted by DMA Solutions TeamNovember 25, 2020 6:00 AM

Whether you're connecting with family in person or over Zoom this year for Thanksgiving, we encourage you to get creative with carrying on your family's traditions - perhaps in a new way!  In this post, we're sharing our team's responses to our request for sharing special memories, traditions and words of gratitude to not only inspire you but entertain you a little too.  Here's what's on our minds.

Share a Favorite Thanksgiving Memory

Football & Family Go Hand in Hand

Dan’l Mackey Almy, President & CEO

Our family traditions have evolved through the years, but food and FOOTBALL are two staples that have stood the test of time.  As far as I can remember the Dallas Cowboys have been a part of our celebration and thankfully we have the Texas A&M Aggies to provide us with something to actually celebrate more often than not!  While the Aggies do not play on Thanksgiving day every year - it is still a special part of Thanksgiving weekend celebration.  Gig'em & BTHOLSU!


Rats Not Welcome

Allison Kirkland, Marketing Manager

We do Thanksgiving with my mom’s side of the family. My family loves a good prank and without fail every year someone has a new idea up their sleeve. I think my favorite memory was the robotic rat my mom found on Amazon a few years back and brought to Thanksgiving. When everyone was at the table going around and saying what they were thankful for, she sneakily pulled out the remote control and had the rat roll his way around the corner. Needless to say, he didn’t “live” for very long, but the reaction he caused from my mom’s sisters made his presence SO worth it!


Having a Laugh at Grandpa's Expense

Mackenzie Wortham, Account Director

I'll never forget the time my mother-in-law was gesturing wildly with a large glass of red wine in her hand and tossed the whole thing in my grandfather’s face and down his shirt. If you knew my grandfather, this was the most hilarious thing in the world, especially when my parents immediately burst out laughing. He was a good sport about it!

Growing up, Thanksgiving was always all about cheering for the Aggies when they played T.U., but sadly that tradition is no more so the day is really about catching up with family, napping, and watching the cowboys get their asses kicked.


Is it Thanksgiving or Family Game Night? 

Jessie Donlon, Social Media Specialist

My favorite part of Thanksgiving is after all the food has been eaten and we’ve gotten out of our Thanksgiving dinner clothes and into our pjs to break out the games. If we’re at my Mom’s side of the family we’re playing Mexican Train all night and if we’re with my Dad’s side of the family, we’re playing Spoons until someone gets injured! With a big family, no matter the game… things get a little intense, especially when no one wants to lose! One of my favorite memories is my Uncle chasing my cousin around the house to try to steal the last spoon from him!


Serving Others

 Wanda Lightbody, Accounting Manager

Jim and I love to do volunteer work in the kitchen for “Freebird” at The SlowBone Barbeque to help feed folks for Thanksgiving. We work Monday through Wednesday each year on the week of Thanksgiving snapping green beans, peeling potatoes and prepping for the big meal. Jeffrey the owner/chef comes together with lots of other chefs and volunteers to serve the community a traditional thanksgiving meal to anyone who shows up at the restaurant. Thanksgiving day, we lend a helping hand wherever needed enjoying the company of both the people being served and the volunteers.


Share a Family Tradition You Can’t Live Without

Have a Happy Fondue Thanksgiving!

Audrey Miranda, Senior Communications Specialist

It's not a true Miranda Family celebration unless there's fondue. Cheese, please. Our Thanksgiving go-to is Kabocha Fondue, while watching the Cornhuskers beat the Hawkeyes.  


Ooooooh, Fudge.

Hannah Daniels, Senior Manager Development

My Papa’s homemade peanut butter fudge. All of the grandkids gather around and squeeze into my Nana’s little kitchen and help Papa make the fudge from scratch. We usually eat most of it before we even make it to dinner (while it is hot and fresh out of the oven!). 


Making Thanksgiving Our Own

Hena Husain, Social Media Specialist

Having a multicultural Thanksgiving! Every year both sides of my family divide up the potluck dishes between traditional American food and traditional Indian food. I must say, it’s the combo I never asked for but can’t live without!


The Devil Went Down to Texas

Lauren Miller, Senior Public Relations Manager

Thanksgiving is my FAVORITE holiday with Christmas coming in a close second. Thanksgiving wins because food is at the center of everything. My favorite tradition each year is when all of my cousins come to my Mimi's house and we sit, drink, and eat together. My cousins and I are all around the same age and scattered all throughout Texas so coming together is especially fun. I'm always in charge (without fail) of bringing my homemade deviled eggs and will get texts from my cousins the week before asking to make sure I bring them, and I always do.


Scratch Made Eggnog

Jessica Schneider, Senior Public Relations Manager

Homemade eggnog! Though it's a lengthy process, it’s always worth it.


Don't forget the corn!

Marci Allen, Account Director

Thanksgiving has always been 1000% about food, and a favorite dish that has been a staple since childhood is corn casserole.  


All Talk and No Turkey.

Mariana Bulgarelli, Apprentice

Before we eat our “Thanksgiving” meal (we don’t really do the traditional turkey and big meal), we sit together and talk about what we are most grateful for.


Black Friday Sales!

Stevi Perkins, Marketing Specialist

Every year after we eat, we buy a newspaper (like the actual paper kind) and look through the Black Friday ads for all the sales to get a game plan for shopping the next day. It’s a whole family affair!


In a challenging year, what are you most grateful for?


Healthy Family & Work

Megan Zweig, Vice President

What is there not to be grateful for this year?  It feels as though this Thanksgiving is going to be extra special, given we are having a limited number of people and taking necessary safety precautions.  I am thankful to be able to be with my healthy loved ones and go back to work in a job and industry that I love the following Monday.  I'm a blessed woman!


Family, Family, Family!

Jordan Glover, Senior Public Relations Specialist

This year, we’re altering our usual extended family celebration to just celebrate with my immediate family. While I hate that there is so much change this year and I can’t see all my people, I'm finding myself even more grateful to spend the day with my immediate family in a way that will provide an even sweeter time together. Finding the simple joys!



Dan’l Mackey Almy, President & CEO

Other than what I am always grateful for (family, friends and health), I am especially grateful to have a healthy business filled with people (the DMA team and our amazing clients/colleagues) who share a common purpose of doing good and getting better each and every day. 

From our team to yours, we wish you many blessings and most of all health, this Thanksgiving holiday.  

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