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Posted by DMA Solutions TeamAugust 10, 2018 3:46 PM

We have spent a lot of time telling you the different types of content you should feature on your social platforms and we often recommend showcasing events that you are a part of. This type of content provides audiences a look into what your brand is about beyond the products and services you provide. However, when it comes to promoting these events on your social platforms, there are some dos and don’ts to keep in mind.




Promote beforehand – If you know there is an upcoming event that would be a good opportunity to share on your social platforms, give your audiences a teaser in advance. Depending on the event and the content you have available, you can start to promote the event to your audiences anytime from a month away, to a week, to even just days before. This gives audiences the chance to gain awareness about the event and take any actions you want them to beforehand. If no action is required, it still provides them with some additional context before they see content from the event on their social feeds.


Live content – It still stands true that 82% of viewers say they prefer live video to social media posts. When it comes to sharing content about your event on social media, give live video a try. We know this can seem overwhelming at first, but let us help you get started with these Live Video 101 tips and tricks.


Video content/engaging content – Following up on our tip about sharing live video, it is also important to share video content in general. While live video is great to sprinkle in, make sure you also share some video content that encompasses other details of the event that might not be as engaging as something to take live video of. Even if your video isn’t perfect, trust us, it will still help your audiences feel like they are there no matter where they may be.


Recap the event – After sharing content directly from the event, your audience is likely to be engaged and interested in how the event ends. If the event is focused on a fundraising goal for example, be sure to do a post recapping the event and totaling up the total amount of money raised. Don’t leave your audiences hanging once you have them interested!




Don’t overdo it – There is a fine line between promoting your event on your social media platforms and having it take over your social media feeds. Have a plan in place of the type of content you want to share on social so that you make sure to showcase event highlights and not every little detail. With handy features like Instagram stories and albums, you can easily showcase multiple photos at once to eliminate sharing too many different posts.


Post poor visual content – While we understand that photos from a live event aren’t necessarily always going to be the highest quality photos, make your best efforts to ensure that the photos and video content you’re sharing are visually appealing enough to catch your audience’s eyes. Refrain from posting blurry or unclear photos which will quickly deter your audiences.


We hope these tips help you out when it comes to sharing your next event on social media! If you still have questions, or are wondering about additional best practices, reach out to us for a free social media consultation, we’d love to help.


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