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Megan Zweig
Posted by Megan ZweigMarch 4, 2015 1:07 PM

14-Main_Post-AD-Website-Needs-HelpFor over ten years DMA Solutions has been designing, developing and launching websites for companies within the fresh produce industry. We’ve worked hard to understand your questions, reservations and concerns (or lack thereof) for websites, arguably the most important marketing asset of all. We’ve done all this in an effort to help you solve a common marketing problem that you may or may not realize that you have. Pardon me for being frank but your website needs help.

Yes, it does. But you are not alone.

Websites are a living, breathing marketing animal that must be nurtured, fed and given a good scrubbing from time to time to keep functioning and performing at capacity. That is why, at DMA, we have been dedicated to redesigning and launching a new website about every two years. If “two years” is an overwhelming number to you – hear us out. If your website is any of the following three things, your website needs help it it’s going to help you stay competitive:

1. Not responsive to devices like cell phones and tablets.

As we have stated, this is no longer an option for companies that want to be present online. If your digital assets are not optimized for cell phones and tablets, they are not being visited or viewed at level that is possible in today’s digital environment. We recently adapted DMA’s website to be a fully mobile responsive site in January 2015. Now that we have a responsive website, people have gone out of their way to tell us how much they now enjoy visiting our blog and website because it is so much easier to read and navigate.

2. Lacking in visits from search engines.

If your website does not receive a high percentage of visits from organic search results originating from search engines, you are in need of a help. According to, there are approximately 48,000 Google searches conducted every second or over 3.5 billion searches per day and 1.2 trillion searches per year worldwide. If you consider the possibilities relative to what someone seeking a solution to a fresh produce, mealtime or nutrition dilemma, perhaps they are searching for your products or information about your company. If organic search results are not producing traffic to your website, you need help.

3. Focused on you.

At DMA Solutions, we call this the “me, me, me syndrome.” If your website is focused on only telling your story without a bridge that connects it in a helpful way that solves a consumer or buyer’s problem (we call this the “why”), your website likely needs help. From visual elements that communicate key messages to clever copywriting and keywords, your website should speak directly to the audience that you know is visiting your website plus the audience that you want to visit your website seeking to make a buying decision.

If you’re still reading this post, odds are your website has some of these issues.

Having faced these same issues (and more) ourselves, at DMA Solutions we fully realize how important it is to provide fresh produce businesses with a budget-friendly, customizable website resource that will deliver the visual and functional results needed to stay competitive. We offer a variety of services that help you strategize, optimize and manage your online presence in the most optimal way. We’d love to help you by having a call to discuss your website needs and present you with our pricing options for website design projects.

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