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Posted by DMA Solutions TeamDecember 17, 2019 7:18 PM

After attending the first New York Produce Show in 2010, we’ve attended each following year and have enjoyed watching it continue to grow and thrive. And, with happy people walking the show floor and selling to customers, the festive 2019 NYPS did not disappoint!

During our time at the show, the main thing that stood out to us immediately (as marketers who also happened to be very much in the Christmas spirit) was the distinction between "marketing past" and "marketing present." Let us explain.


Megan Zweig & Dan'l Mackey Almy, New York 2010New York Produce Show 2019

Much like these photos  (a fun fresh representation of Dickens’ ghosts of Christmas present, past and future), the NYPS through the years has hosted eager exhibitors armed with displays and product offerings ranging from traditional fresh produce to solutions that support farming today—and those that represent what is yet to come!

And while all the marketing variety had us dreaming of opportunities for the future of our own business, we also took the time to embrace the present and appreciate the easy-to-navigate nature of the show, which allowed us to see as many friendly faces as possible while soaking in the cheer.

Megan Zweig & Dan'l Mackey Almy, New York (2010) 

Pepper Christmas Tree-1Turns out, appreciation for the easy navigation of the show was a common theme amongst attendees and exhibitors alike! Overall, folks continue to appreciate the approachable nature of NYPS, along with the complimentary food and drink and the hospitality showcased around every corner. Why? Aside from the obvious, we love that one can walk the show floor and conduct business in a matter of hours, as well as tee up healthy conversations for the coming year.

In terms of the booths on display, it was easy to see those exhibitors who believe that a brand-forward booth is likely to yield healthy conversations and success from the event. However, those with less progressive (more "traditional") booth displays still enjoyed a lively scene inside 10x10 spaces that were filled with guests (and seemingly productive conversations), further evidence that this is a show about relationships first, which as a service business, DMA certainly appreciates.

Bell Pepper Christmas tree presented by Bozzuto's. (Photo provided by Cindy Jewell, from the 2019 New York Produce Show)

MZ and DMA and MW NYPS 2018


If this is a tradeshow you have not yet explored for your own business, we do recommend that you include the NYPS into your 2020 plan, especially if your goal is to sell into the northeast. Looking for more information about NYPS pricing, or sponsorship and exhibiting opportunities? Contact the organizers (and get a good grasp on your "Christmas future").

Dan'l Mackey Almy, Megan Zweig 

& Mackenzie Wortham, New York (2017)


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