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Jessica Schneider
Posted by Jessica SchneiderJuly 9, 2020 11:00 AM

One thing that has stayed true through this crazy, uncertain, ever-changing time is that the news and media coverage has not slowed, but rather proliferated for both trade and consumer outlets. While COVID-19 related stories may seem to dominate, the reality is the media and their audiences are still looking to be informed about your business (cue the trade) and inspired by your products (cue consumer media). 

So what does this mean for you, your brand and our industry? Keep moving forward with marketing. While there is an understanding that budgets might need to be adjusted due to the state of the economy, marketing, social media and public relations are more important now than ever to keep brands alive and moving forward.


A few ways PR can help your brand through the next 60 to 90 days and beyond: 

Keep Trade Media Informed About Your Business

While there has been an evident shift in news coverage, the trade media is still looking for updates, stories, product launches and more from brands to keep the industry informed outside of the expected COVID-19 updates.

  • Communication 
    Going silent with the trade is not a recommended approach during this time. Continue communication with trade media contacts to ensure your brand stays relevant and top of mind for feature articles. 
  • Virtual Trade Show News 
    In-person tradeshows are becoming online events, and with that comes virtual interaction. So in lieu of chatting with members of the industry at tradeshows in person, be prepared to connect with the trade over email, phone or even Zoom to ensure you’re still able to share your brand’s story. 
  • Company Relief Efforts 
    From fresh produce and product  donations to financial aid, don’t be afraid to share news around any relief efforts your company has put forth in light of the pandemic. This not only shows readers that you truly care, but can make or break a deal down the line when someone you are trying to do business with asks how you helped during this time. 


Keep Consumers Inspired By Your Products 

Even once our newsfeeds began flooding with the unfortunate coverage of COVID-19, a number of consumer media outlets continued to provide lighter, good-for-you content to inspire readers during a difficult time. From Men’s Health and Women’s Health to Taste of Home, we've seen first hand success for our client with continued consumer media PR efforts. 

  • Pitching
    With the shelter-in-place orders still in effect and many working from home, editors are reading and responding to emails now more than ever. Utilize this time to pitch and begin building relationships with key media contacts.
  • Media Mailers
    Understanding that the majority of the consumer media population resides in New York City where COVID risk is high, consider creating “stress-relieving” mailers that not only include your product, but items that could bring a little relief to the recipients. 
  • Check-in Emails
    Rather than aggressively pushing a pitch agenda, take a moment to send a short, thoughtful note to check in on editors. Yet again, this is another way to start nurturing relationships with consumer media contacts so that months from now, these editors will recognize and remember your name and your brand.


We understand that this is a weird time but keep in mind it’s weird and unfamiliar for everyone. The key here is to keep moving forward and being comfortable with a “new normal” way of doing things. 

Still questioning what you can do to move your public relations efforts forward? Reach out to our team and one of our marketing experts will contact you within 24 hours to schedule time to speak - free of charge.

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