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Posted by DMA Solutions TeamMay 23, 2018 5:00 AM

In the ever evolving world of social media, it is critical to always continue learning. Algorithms change, additional features get released, and new apps come into play on a monthly, weekly, and sometimes even daily basis. To continue our education with like-minded folks in the social media marketing world, we attended the 2018 Social Shake-Up in Atlanta from May 7-9th. We’re so excited to share our biggest takeaways from the event with you:


Maximize your live video- Many speakers at the show confirmed what we already know to be true: Live video is key and if you aren’t doing it yet, there’s no better time to start than now. In fact, 82% of audiences prefer to see live video from a brand rather than social posts. However, live video has more life beyond a simple livestream. Get the most out of your live video content by downloading the live video file and turning it into multiple clips that can be repurposed for future content. It is important to have this knowledge before filming your live video so you can proactively plan an organized way to ensure you will be able to pull these clips once it has ended. It is also important to maximize your video to receive the most engagement possible while it is live. Promote beforehand, talk directly to audience members throughout, and follow up with additional information to make sure you are as engaged as you can be.


Tell your brand story- When it comes to planning content for your brand there is one theme that stood out to us continuously throughout the show: Storytelling. While you brainstorm content ideas, think of ways that you can truly tell your story. Not only is this content proven to engage audiences, but it will also increase brand awareness, humanize your brand, and ultimately support sales. Through storytelling you can give audiences an inside look at your brand and clearly spread the story about what makes your brand unique. The great news about storytelling is that this content can consist of lower cost options including behind-the-scenes footage, pictures from community events, employee stories, testimonials, and more.


Have a crisis communication plan- In the world of fresh produce, you never know when a crisis will strike. What we do know is that it is critical to be prepared at all times. First, ensure that you have the tools in place to monitor for any social or digital crisis. Second, work with all levels of your team and company to instill an effective way to communicate to audiences and the media if an issue erupts. It is essential to have everyone on the same page so that in the event of a crisis there is no confusion about who will be responsible for what, as well as the best messaging to use and plan of approach. 


Social Listening is key- Social conversations happen beyond what you might see when directly monitoring your brand on social platforms. People often share their thoughts about brands on their social pages without actually tagging brand handles. By setting up listening streams and staying active on platforms, you will be able to see any of these conversations that could potentially be missed if only looking at content in which your brand is tagged. Not only will this social listening expose these hidden conversations about your brand, but it will also open up a door for you to engage with audiences who might not be aware of your brand at all. Social platforms are in fact a place to be social, so explore opportunities for your brand to engage on this organic level.


Going hand-in-hand with this thought process is the importance of customer care and keeping a very close eye on the conversations that do directly mention your brand on social. If negative comments come in, it is critical to respond quickly to resolve any issues. By addressing these issues quickly, you will strengthen your brand’s reputation and build brand loyalists, even with those that have had a negative experience.


Wondering how any of these takeaways relate to your brand? Reach out for a free social media consultation and let’s discuss!

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