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While Ratatouille might believe that "anyone can cook", I've been to one too many Allrecipes pages to know that not everyone should (see below my real time reaction). It's one thing to have fun experimenting in the kitchen, but when it comes to putting recipes on your website, leave it to the professionals. We've perfected a tried-and-true process for creating a quality custom recipe that is both delicious and strategic. 

What You Should Know Before Creating Recipes & Taking Photos of Food



1. We Customize Our Strategy

Beautiful, tasty recipes just won't cut it. Why? Because all content should serve a purpose - like getting higher levels of engagement.  That's why we start with a recipe audit to assess what content you already have and which areas you may be lacking. We also cross-reference with what kind of content performs well for you already, so that we can, well, "give the people what they want."


2. We Blend What's Trending With What's Unique

Once we get a good feel for the different kinds of recipes we need to create (think dinner, snacks, paleo-friendly, old-fashioned desserts, 15 minute meals, the list goes on), we do a thorough search to see what recipes in this category are trending for your particular product. Then, we create our own unique recipes that we know will perform well but also have their own, unique spin. And sometimes, we'll even take influences from the region where your company is based to really drive home a connection with your audience. 


3.  We Taste Test

After we create our list of recipes we'd like to create for a brand, the next step is to dive into the development process where we create, taste, and tweak as needed. We taste 100% of the recipes we make (I know, such a hard day's work, but someone has to do it) to make sure your audience will find them accurate when they prepare them to eliminate questions and elevate the experience.


4. We Style, Shoot, and Snazz

Once we are satisfied with flavor, we do our food styling magic to make the dish look appetizing and fit your brand aesthetic. We've developed a collection of dishes, props, and photography equipment to capture your perfect shot. Finally, no recipe development and photography project is complete without fine-tuning in post production to get the most out of each recipe shot.

Think you're ready to get started?  Do yourself a favor and download our photography equipment checklist before you take matters into your own hands and invest in equipment for your company.  And if you decide that you'd rather outsource your recipe development needs, give us a chance!  Our team is hungry for a chance to help with our affordable photography services.

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