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Jessica Schneider
Posted by Jessica SchneiderAugust 4, 2021 6:00 AM

Trade show season is officially back in person! While you're planning for your next big show, don’t forget to apply tried and true tradeshow marketing efforts and employ a healthy public relations plan

From press releases to media pitching and more, there are numerous ways to utilize PR to enhance your marketing efforts as a whole before an event. To help you prepare for the upcoming trade show season (especially the big kahuna that is PMA Fresh Summit), we’re outlined a few key reasons you should consider and invest in PR ahead of your next tradeshow!

Why Tradeshow Media Coverage is Important

Helps to Secure Pre-Show Coverage

Get ahead of the next tradeshow with a press release! Depending on what show you are preparing for, it’s crucial to have a plan in place for sharing news that you’ll A) be at the trade show and B) let everyone know what your brand will be showcasing on the floor.

Whether it's a new product or simply an announcement to let the industry know where they can find you on the busy show floor (be sure to include your booth number), press releases are an easy way to generate the buzz needed to get people excited and into your booth. I

n addition to drawing attention to your brand, a pre-show press release can lead to even more in-depth editorial coverage from trade media interviews and meetings during the show.


Enjoy Coverage During the Show

To secure in-person meetings, press releases are one of the easiest ways to cast a wide net and land a few media interviews and/or attract potential new customers. As stated before, press releases are used to let people know that you’ll be at the show and give them a little taste (pun intended) of what you’ll be presenting at the show. Whether it’s media interested in an interview or new business looking to discuss opportunities, this news gives them the chance to schedule time to stop by your booth. For every conversation you have, be sure to capture their contact info so you can follow up after the show.


Keep Up Momentum With Post-Show Coverage  

With so many leads and things to remember after the show dust settles, a public relations nudge is a passive way to help elevate your brand long after the show is over.  In fact, we know from experience that a post-show follow up can be the difference between you landing a spot in a trade media show recap or other editorial options!

After the show, consider following up with members of the media that visited (or didn't) your booth!  Be sure to include any media materials, such as product press releases, sells sheets, and the like to give editors all the information they need to include you in a story. 


Bonus Public Relations Tips 

Have media materials ready before you send out that first press release. If you get a bite from trade media that are interested in covering your brand with a lengthier article, you’ll want to be prepared to share any and all materials (sells sheets, guides, photos, etc.) so you don’t miss out on a coverage opportunity.

Media training for executives might be needed if you’ve landed interviews. Consider outlining some key messaging and tips for them to review beforehand in case this is their first time communicating directly with the media.

Take quality photos at your booth! Most media want imagery to accompany an article. They will very much appreciate you including photos before having to ask!

Public relations is a critical piece of the marketing puzzle. When executed in conjunction with other marketing activations, the art of public relations can increase brand awareness and media coverage to help continue to grow your business before, during and after tradeshows.

Interested in learning how our team can help elevate your brand with PR? Schedule a call! We’d love to help you get started.

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