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Posted by DMA Solutions TeamSeptember 7, 2018 12:41 PM

Marketers are often full of curiosity and excited to discuss tactics for reaching a new generation with their marketing efforts. First it was millennials, and then it was “millennial moms.” However, we believe marketers need to be having more conversations about reaching another very important audience: male shoppers. Here are a few stats that prove we should be doing more to reach this demographic:

The shift in “gender roles”

As stated in Men’s Health, 84% of men say they are now the primary grocery shopper in their households – marking a 19% increase from one decade ago. This increase stems from a shift in “gender roles” where more men are finding themselves taking on more household responsibilities. On the other hand, many Americans are waiting longer to marry, so you have a lot of single men shopping for themselves.


Men shop more often than women

Many women enjoy shopping as a pastime and like to browse the many different aisles of the stores however, men are different with their approach – they have a “man on a mission” mindset and want to get in, and get out. Research has shown that most men go to the store without a weekly (or even same-day) meal plan in mind. Because of this strategy, male shopping trips outnumber women’s shopping trips by 57% to 43%, according to Nielsen.


Men tend to spend more than women

While men are “on a mission” in the grocery store and value quick shopping trips, they are building larger baskets due to their commitment to brand loyalty. More often than not, when men find a brand that works for them, they stick with it, no matter the price. Additionally, men are purchasing more due to their desire to experiment with culinary creativity.


Cooking has become a top interest amongst men

It’s no surprise that the top two shared interests amongst this demographic are cars and politics however, just behind those is a shared interest in cooking. According to the Men’s Health survey, almost 48% of men watched a cooking video within the last 12 months, and 46% of those men watched on social media.


As more men are finding themselves becoming interested in cooking gourmet meals, it’s imperative that fresh produce brands support them with quality products and healthy, quick recipe inspiration through website and social media content. As we continue to invest in fresh produce marketing, let’s not forget about this integral demographic that has an active role in the food-purchasing process.


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