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DMA Solutions helps brands and service companies define, develop, and scale their B to B and B to C marketing programs. As a full scope marketing services agency, we deliver customized strategies and tactics to meet our clients’ unique objectives. From small projects to large-budget campaigns, we have the skills and understanding to deliver measurable results. We work best when we become an extension of your internal marketing team – guiding you on the strategy and execution of your brand’s marketing program as a trusted partner you can rely on daily.

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How We're Different As a Marketing Services Agency


Fully Customized, Strategic Plans

No budget is too small and no scope is too big. We create and tailor marketing plans to your unique goals, objectives, and budget in order to maximize your brand’s success.

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Stewards of Your Budget

With deep roots in agricultural marketing, we’ve learned how to make a big impact with less and we make sure every dollar counts.

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Measurable Results

Marketing is both an art and a science, and we approach your business with a creativity that is rooted in a foundation of logic. An investment in a marketing services agency should garner results that serve as a catalyst for sales, company growth, and brand equity. We provide reports that allow you to demonstrate the value of your investment.

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A One-Stop Extension of Your Marketing Team

A partnership with DMA is best realized when we work with your brand on an ongoing basis as an extension of your team. Let us play the role of your ultimate brand strategist, sounding board, tactical executors, solutions-finders and CMO.

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Our Purpose

To solve marketing problems and offer creative solutions to marketers and brands in need.

We believe in the positive impact marketing can have to help people choose products & services that improve our lives.

With deep roots originating in the fresh produce industry, we take great pride in serving brands that make a difference. As our passion for marketing expands beyond the dinner plate, we’ve grown to serve marketers in need across various industries to help them prosper, creating a demand and awareness for products and services that improve our lives and society as a whole.

Our Team

Dan'l Mackey Almy Headshot
Dan'l Mackey Almy
Megan Zweig Headshot
Megan Zweig
Marci Allen Headshot
Marci Allen
Account Director
Hena Husain Headshot
Hena Husain
Social Media Manager
Halle Caroline Cheatham Headshot
Halle Caroline Cheatham
Senior Marketing Specialist
Wanda Lightbody Headshot
Wanda Lightbody
Finance Director
Hanna Wadley Headshot
Hannah Wadley
Director of People & Operations
Jessica Schneider Headshot
Jessica Schneider
Senior Public Relations Manager
Jordan Confer Headshot
Jordan Confer
Communications Manager
Mary-Kate Wewers
Mary-Kate Wewers
Marketing Apprentice
Mackenzie McLeod Headshot
Mackenzie McLeod
Strategic Advisor
Cliff Thomas Headshot
Cliff Thomas
Chief Creative Officer
Mike Johnson Headshot
Mike Johnson
Creative Director
Cassie Bales
Cassie Bales
Director of Brand Design
Maddie Reber headshot
Maddie Reber
Senior Graphic Designer
Melissa Dennis Headshot
Melissa Dennis
Traffic Manager / Production Designer
Forrest Thomas Headshot
Forrest Thomas
Web Developer

Scare people with sincerity.

– Patrick Lencioni, The Ideal Team Player

Work With Us

Are you a hungry, humble and smart marketer seeking to work in an organization that values and invests in the growth of its people? We’re always looking for the next marketing mastermind who can grow with us and take our organization through to the next chapter.

We hire:

Social Media Specialists
Social Media Specialists
Brand Managers & Directors
Brand Managers & Directors
Public Relations Specialists
Public Relations Specialists
Communications Coordinators
Communications Coordinators
Marketing Analysts
Marketing Analysts
Copywriters & Graphic Designers
Copywriters & Graphic Designers
Summer Interns
Summer Interns

Our Culture

At DMA Solutions, we seek to be better everyday. Better co-workers, better marketers, better leaders, and better humans, in and out of the office. Here’s how we do it:

Our Mindset

  • We have a Winning Attitude in all that we do.
  • We put forth Full Effort no matter the task or challenge.

Our Approach to Our Work

  • When faced with a directive, goal or challenge, we first Seek the Why to understand and empathize
  • Whether we succeed or struggle, we Take Accountability 
  • We strive to Be Self Aware in our interactions, relationships and solutions

Our Service to Others

  • We aim to be Helpful First in providing our clients and colleagues with solutions to their problems
  • We respond with “Yes and…” when tasked with a challenge or request

Far and away the best prize that life has to offer is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.

– Theodore Roosevelt

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