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Partnering with influencers helps grow your brand awareness and reach, builds credibility and trust and provides you with fresh and relevant content. Are you effectively partnering with influencers to drive impactful results for your brand? Our team of experts is here to help you manage current influencers or develop an effective influencer plan from scratch.


Here is how we do it:

  • Strategically research, evaluate, and select partners that align with your brand's aesthetic 
  • Utilize influencer partnerships to create unique and trending content 
  • Provide a comprehensive presentation outlining a variety of influencers who align with your goals
  • Help develop a content plan for how to effectively partner with influencers to maximize your reach and engagement

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See Examples of Our Work

Bringing Influencers + Restaurants Together

In February of 2022, Pappas Delta Blues Smokehouse enlisted DMA Solutions to secure media and influencer reservations at the Plano, Texas location to increase awareness and foot traffic. We worked closely with the restaurant to provide the ultimate catered experience for each influencer reservation, resulting in engaging social media content that the restaurant can use on its own social media platforms.

In only 6 months, we've secured 15 reservations, garnered 1,382,444 impressions, and received 39 placements on platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

Citrus Inspired Influencer Support

To promote their 2020 citrus season, Summer Citrus from Africa asked that we vet and partner with food influencers to create citrus content that showed the versatility and availability of their products including navels, easy peelers, Cara Caras, Star Rubys, and Midknights.

This season's influencer partnerships generated a total of:

  • 4 recipes
  • 5,000,000 impressions.

Texas-Sized Influencer Support

To increase awareness of the Winter Sweetz brand, and to attract and convert qualified contacts during their peak season at the New Year, DMA Solutions  coordinated social posts and recipe development via Texas-based influencers who focused on fitness and healthy living content.

In addition to predetermined content, the influencers shared unboxing stories which generated high Instagram impression numbers. Throughout the promotion, we were able to identify those who were willing to create additional content on behalf of Winter Sweetz, making them wonderful partners moving forward.

These 9 influencer partnerships generated:

  • 64 placements 
  • ~400k+ impressions
  • a 150% decrease in CPI from the previous promotion

Influencer "Playbook"

Your messaging is crucial to getting the content and/or outcome you desire from your influencer partners. We develop Influencer Playbooks that outline brand messaging, photography style examples, and expectations of influencers when they are sharing on behalf of your brand.

Prior to partnering with influencers, we created Influencer Playbooks for Ocean Mist Farms. Not only does this communicate branding and expectations, but it also reduces the number of edits requested, and ultimately reduces agency time spent!

"Relation-dip Goals" Surprise and Delight Mailers

An appropriately timed and all-inclusive Valentine's themed box inspired nine Surprise & Delights recipients to create dishes with celery and radishes. Mailer contents included an apron, platter, food processor, and product.

Snack trays and grazing boards were common uses of the products, indicating this would be a good content theme for Dandy® in the future.

The Relation-Dip Goals mailer generated:

  • 36 influencer placements
  • 287k+ impressions for a CPI of $0.006

"How-to" Video Development

As cooking trends shifted during the COVID-19 pandemic, audiences were looking for produce tips, including how to freeze artichokes!

On behalf of Ocean Mist Farms, we worked with an influencer to create two "how-to" videos guiding viewers through the steps to ensure a longer “shelf” life.

Darling Clementine Influencer Partners

Long-term partnerships allow influencers to develop authentic content and generate credibility for the brand to their audiences. We selected long-term partners for LGS that aligned with the brand's aesthetic, featured citrus in their recipes, and whose reach would enable us to exceed our goals.

Influencer content reshared on LGS’ social channels was some of the top-performing content duringQ2 2020. Best of all, each recipe/post fully communicated the LGS brand story, in an effort to educate audiences about the brand.

Long-term partners generated:

  • 30M+ impressions in Q2 (a 22% increase from Q1)

Duda Influencer Partnerships

Extended collaborations allow brands and influencers to create a bond, in turn allowing for genuine and authentic content. Duda leverages long-term influencer partners to promote their produce, mainly celery.

Duda partnered with vetted influencers to promote the Dandy® name, and products, to their followers. During the 2019/2020 agreement, Duda's partners generated:

  • a monthly average of 20M+ impressions
  • 60+ placements for the brand

Pure Flavor Influencer Partnerships

Pure Flavor was looking for content creation first, to supplement their social media imagery and to populate their recipe database on their website. The benefit of partnering with influencers for recipe development is for diverse content from trusted developers, and the added benefit of brand awareness.

The influencer partners:

  • create an average of 4 recipes per month for the brand
  • generate as high as 67M monthly impressions
  • with a cost per impression as low as $0.00002

Duda Instagram Takeover with Casa de Crews

Instagram takeovers are an event! They do a great job of bolstering a brand’s reputation for both the audience of the influencer, and the audience of the brand. This is an opportunity for the brand to receive additional eyes from those who follow the influencer, and vice versa.

IG takeovers are an authentic way for brands to reach new audiences. When influencers promote IG takeovers, the brand gains instant credibility with this new audience! In addition to ongoing recipe development and social posts, Duda partnered with Casa de Crews to generate IG takeovers to discuss a how-to of her monthly recipes, lengthening the shelf life of the originally created recipe content.

Natural Delights Going Green Surprise and Delight Mailers

"Going Green" Surprise and Delight Mailers

NEW sustainable packaging is one of the many new changes Natural Delights is rolling out! During the month of March we elevated their green packaging, in conjunction with St. Patrick’s Day, by sending “Going Green” mailers to influencers who love Medjool dates and value sustainability!

In addition to Natural Delights products, we sent environmentally friendly, on-trend products: Stasher Bags and Bee’s Wrap.

This mailer generated:

  • 376,841 impressions
  • 61 placements on Instagram
Months later, mailer recipients were still sharing content featuring Medjool dates and tagging @NDMedjoolDates!

"Game Night" Surprise and Delight Mailers

In support of Natural Delights' Game Night promotion, we managed influencer partners who promoted Natural Delights as the perfect go-to snack for bringing people together and making the most of their extra time at home during the pandemic.

Influencers created easy game night recipes for followers to recreate and enjoy. In addition to creating content for the brand to leverage through email marketing and on social media, 4 recipes were generated and shared resulting in:

  • 23 placements (on Facebook and Instagram)
  • a cost per impressions of $0.006

"Date Night" Surprise and Delight Mailers

February 4th is National Medjool Date Day, so during the month of February Natural Delights promoted "Date Night" through a variety of activations, including sending Surprise and Delight mailers to influencers.

Weekly mailers were aligned with the different “Date Night” themes:

  • “For you” - a baking set to enjoy on a night in
  • “For two” - a bar set for a couple
  • “For the crew” - a charcuterie board for an evening with close friends
  • “For the zoo” - a fondue set for the whole family to enjoy 

We attribute the high level of engagement from our Surprise and Delight recipients to the fact that every influencer chosen had previously engaged with the brand and exhibited an affinity for the product. This generated:

  • 59 unpaid placements on Instagram

"Dog Days of Summer" Surprise and Delight Mailers

Celery’s main consumer isn’t typically dogs, so this mailer was paws down the best way to celebrate the Dog Days of Summer.

Influencers were excited to receive a promotion related mailer from Duda! Not only did these generate high Instagram impressions, but it also more importantly offered Duda the opportunity to garner brand awareness from new audiences via an alternative “type” of influencer: dogs. The top “performing”/featured mailer items was the set of personalized koozies. This is what we hoped for, we know from previous mailers that personalized items get more shares in stories.

We ensure higher engagement through unique, personalized mailer items. In addition to the koozies, the custom recipe cards were a hit! Influencers shared stories and posts of them making the Dandy® Celery + Peanut Butter Pupsicles and some even shared the recipe, featuring Dandy® branding, with their audiences.

The "Paw-tio Pack" generated:

  • 55 placements
  • 18.7M+ impressions for a CPI of $0.00019
Duda National Celery Month Surprise and Delight Mailer

"National Celery Month" Surprise and Delight Mailers

To celebrate National Celery Month, Duda sent out an interactive mailer that included all the components to make celery juice. The goal was to encourage participation throughout the holiday and elevate Dandy® celery as a perfect juice ingredient!

This mailer garnered high engagement as it arrived the first week most influencers were in quarantine! National Celery Month isn’t a holiday that other brands are leveraging, which is why it was an excellent opportunity for Duda to capitalize and take control of the fresh produce narrative during the month of March.

  • Influencers generated 631k+ impressions on Instagram at a CPI of $0.002
  • Created 48 Instagram stories

Why DMA?

DMA Solutions is a full-service marketing agency dedicated to supporting fresh foods, floral and better-for-you products. DMA Solutions got its start in 2004 by elevating fresh produce companies and their products in a once commodity-centric industry. Turning ordinary commodities into trusted, desired brands. Now, we’ve expanded our efforts to support your marketing and design needs and to drive meaningful results for your brand.

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