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California Giant Berry Farms

image of strawberry, blackberries, raspberries, and blueberries in a teal ceramic bowl with more in the background


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The Challenge

California Giant Berry Farms employs a progressive approach to both consumer and trade marketing. While not the largest brand in the berry category, California Giant has maintained an impressive share of marketing voice to both audiences. The brand engaged with DMA Solutions to help maintain a strong content marketing position and build a new shopper database. DMA supported the brand with multiple shopper promotions each year, a library of downloadable content for both consumer and trade audiences, fresh brand design, and ongoing trade marketing support.

Company Personality






Visual Line

The California Giant Berry Farms visual line graphic, three bubbles on the first line that say "honest" "down to earth" and "cheerful" that all point towards a bubble on the second line that says "wholesome"


Dark blue color swatch named "giant"
Red color swatch named "strawberry"
Blue color swatch named "blueberry"
Dark magenta color swatch named "raspberry"
Pruple color swatch named "blackberry"
Green color swatch named "field"
Yellow color swatch named "sun"


Program OT font with sample that says "Quality you can count on"
Gotham font with sample that says "Grown sustainably with care."
Cal Giant website at desktop size
Website Development | Desktop
Cal Giant website at mobile size
Cal Giant website at mobile size
Cal Giant website at mobile size
Website Development | Mobile
A collage of Cal Giant social posts
Social Media Graphics
Example of a Cal Giant social post that says "Happy National Strawberry Month" with an image of a strawberry plant
Example of a Cal Giant social post that says "Did you know? You can trace your berries from field to you." with an image of a strawberry field
Example of a Cal Giant social post that says "Cucumber. Lime. Blackberries." with an image of a blackberry and cucumber drink.
Social Media Graphics
A mock-up of the cover and interior spread of a recipe book called "Berry Sweet Cravings"
Trade Advertising
A mock-up of a magazine ad that says "Sustainably grown with the earth's future in mind."
Trade Advertising
Collage of design examples from the promotion 31 Reasons to Smile
31 Reasons to Smile | Consumer Promotion
Collage of design examples from the promotion Home for the Holidays
Home for the Holidays | Consumer Promotion
California Giant Berry Farms logo

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Director of Marketing of California Giant Berry Farms

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