Our Team

Varied experiences. Distinctive personalities. A common commitment to fresh.

Meet the creative masterminds at DMA Solutions. We eat, sleep and breathe fresh produce. We are a diverse bunch of marketing minds who have one thing in common – a genuine passion for increasing the demand of fresh produce. Well, maybe two if you count good hair.


DMA Experience
DMA Experience

Our team's past experience in diverse industries, along with our company's commitment to the fresh produce industry, positions us to have a unique approach to marketing.

DMA Experience
DMA Experience

Dallas Team

Dan'l Mackey Almy

President & CEO

Megan Zweig

Vice President

Marci Allen

Account Director

Mackenzie Wortham

Account Director

Hannah Daniels

Senior Manager of Development

Lauren Miller

Senior Public Relations Manager

Leslie Loris

Account Marketing Manager

Allison Kirkland

Marketing Manager

Jessica Schneider

Public Relations Manager

Wanda Lightbody

Accounting Manager

Sarah Clinton

Senior Creative Copywriter

Kelly Olivieri

Marketing Specialist

Stevi Perkins

Marketing Specialist

Mariah Demery

Senior Social Media Specialist

Lexi Cassidy

Social Media Specialist

Jessie Donlon

Social Media Specialist

Audrey Miranda

Senior Communications Specialist

Jordan Glover

Public Relations Specialist

Beth Keeton

Public Relations Advisor

Mackey Almy

Public Relations Intern

Mariana Bulgarelli

Marketing Intern

Seattle Team

Cliff Thomas

Creative Director

Forrest Thomas

Web Developer

Mike Johnson

Senior Graphic Designer

Cassie Bales

Senior Graphic Designer

Maddie Reber

Graphic Designer

Aria Bird

Graphic Designer

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