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Jordan Confer

Communications Manager
Connect with Jordan:

Naturally driven, strategic, and disciplined, Jordan knows where she is going and has her steps planned on how to get there. She rarely slows down and enjoys working in the fast-paced, 24/7 nature of marketing, social media, public relations, and communications.

As the communication manager for DMA, Jordan works in all aspects of marketing - from social media to public relations and brand management to advertising. Jordan is driven by her love of being a "fan," whether that's for the sports team she loves, her friends and family, or the clients she serves at DMA. She loves that her position allows her to influence others to rally behind what she believes in. Jordan takes ownership of her work and desires to see projects through to completion, paying mindful attention to the smallest details in order to produce quality results.

Jordan graduated from Oklahoma State University with a degree in strategic communications, where she was involved in several academic and social groups. Her guiding principle in whatever she finds herself doing is to lead with an attitude of service.

Jordan's Enneagram Number

1 The Reformer

Jordan's Top 5 Strengths:

1. Discipline

2. Relator

3. Responsibility

4. Consistency

5. Harmony

Jordan's Archetype





Fun Facts About Jordan:

What do you "nerd out" about?

I can quote every word of The Office. And I will keep sending you articles about my favorite sports teams until they’re your favorite, too!

Favorite sports team?

Oklahoma City Thunder & the Oklahoma State Cowboys

Who inspires you?
Alexander Hamilton, Russell Westbrook, and my dad