Kelly Olivieri

Marketing Specialist
Connect with Kelly:

Kelly’s natural forward-thinking and resourceful leadership makes her an ideal member of the DMA marketing team. In addition to the creativity she contributes to brainstorming sessions, Kelly’s commitment to follow through brings these bright ideas into tangible results for her clients. This determination makes her not only a valuable asset, but also a mover and shaker for her brands.

Kelly strives to understand all details, big and small, to put them into perspective and empathize with her client’s needs. Her bold thinking and ability to spot opportunity and turn it into success helps her develop cutting-edge ideas to refresh and add value to her client’s brands. Growing up with generations of farmers in her family tree, Kelly has learned to appreciate the hard work and unique challenges our industry faces.

With a master's in mass communications from Oklahoma State University and a diverse background as a TA, blogger and even baton twirler, Kelly is chalk full of surprises and bold visions to support the DMA team with creative writing and innovative thinking. Out of the office, Kelly can be found exploring her new neighborhood in Dallas or chillin’ with her cat, Honey. 

Kelly's Top 5 Strengths:

1. Context

2. Empathy

3. Communication

4. Woo

5. Developer

Kelly's Archetype





Fun Facts About Kelly:

What topic could you spend hours talking about?
If someone narrated your life, who would you want to be the narrator?
Vanessa Redgraves
What unique food combinations do you really enjoy?
“Bo Beans,” a family recipe that includes Bush’s honey baked beans, cubed hotdogs and pineapple chunks baked to perfection!