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Kendra Knieriem

Social Media Manager
Connect with Kendra:

Kendra is a nimble, goal-oriented team member at DMA Solutions with a passion for social media. As part of the Communications team, Kendra provides many different solutions to tackling creative social content while maintaining the integrity of each brand she supports. She is the best at tackling social media analytics and finding new ways to advertise that produce quality results for her clients and the DMA team.

With an empathetic approach, she is best at learning each client’s unique opportunities and challenges when determining a strategy for their social pages. Once Kendra has assessed the situation in its entirety, she offers unique and innovative ideas to the team that possess both creative and analytical concepts. Her calming demeanor brings harmony to the team by offering sound solutions, while being a friend and trusted colleague.

As graduate from the University of Maryland with a Bachelor’s of Science in Sociology, Kendra loves to cheer for her beloved Terrapins. While her love for fresh crabs is still intact, Kendra has enjoyed living in Texas the last 3 years with her adopted fur-daughter, Shiner. In her spare time, Kendra teaches a group spin class during the week and can be found training for her 7th Century bike tournament.

Kendra's Top 5 Strengths:

1. Empathy 
2. Individualization 
3. Adaptability 
4. Harmony 
5. Arranger  


Kendra's Archetype





Fun Facts About Kendra:

What are your top three most memorable concerts you’ve attended?

Maroon 5, Garth Brooks, and Taylor Swift

Have you ever eaten something so much that you hate it now?

I ate so much sushi at an all-inclusive resort that it took me months before I could eat it again

What topic could you spend hours talking about?

Traveling and trips I’ve taken