Recently we shared with you our vision for how fresh produce can stand up to our fellow food marketing competitors. Consumers are eager to make connections with food that is grown, which means now is the time to further elevate our efforts in the food marketing space. To embrace this opportunity, we need to step up our digital and online marketing efforts to make ourselves, our companies and our products available where consumers are seeking information digitally. These 5 posts were handpicked to provide produce marketers inspiration to jump start your Inbound Marketing journey and solidify our industry’s seat at the food marketing table.
If you’re a fresh produce marketer and you don’t think online marketing tips are applicable to you, think again. Today’s consumer spends over 5 hours of their day on the Internet seeking information and inspiration from companies like yours. If we plan to keep our seat the Food Marketing Table, we must improve the way that we present ourselves and speak to audiences online.
The Fourth of July is only one week away! Are you leveraging the search habits of your target audiences to reach them for this holiday?
Walking the show floor this past week during United Fresh in Chicago, we caught on to one theme that really blew us away between produce companies and our FMI neighbors: partnerships. When produce companies strategically pair with complementary brands, particularly those with strong consumer brand awareness, it stands out – on the show floor and ultimately on the retail shelf. Many produce companies used this year’s show as an opportunity to unveil and showcase their perfect pairings, and with our combo with the FMI Showcase, we were able to scout out many more pairing potentials with the likes of powerhouse brands like Hershey and Budweiser. Here’s a recap of our favorite produce partnerships that payoff:
The second annual United Fresh Retail Produce Marketing & Merchandising Conference took place on Friday, June 13, 2014 and hosted approximately 150 fresh produce marketers seeking to be inspired by the expert presenters and fellow produce industry panelists in attendance. The day was complete with content aimed to give marketers information and insights into branding, packaging, point-of-sale and even the post-buying/consumer communication process. Below we compiled ten key take-aways that we found helpful and think you should know as you plan for your upcoming marketing activities.
There are countless studies and stats about the effectiveness of cause marketing.
PMA Foundation's Second Annual Women's Fresh Perspectives Conference takeaways.
In honor of Earth Day, guest blogger Hillary Femal from IFCO Systems presents fresh produce marketers with a guide for crafting authentic environmental messages for their brands. These 9 truths and one “lie” will help you feel more comfortable with crafting earth-friendly messaging for your company.
Taking pride in having a fresh produce career. 10 Rewarding reasons to pursue a job in the fresh produce industry. One of Dan’l’s favorite questions to answer is why she chose a career in fresh produce. Many of you may have heard her story or even asked her this very question, but in this Core post Dan’l explains why anyone should want to pursue their career in this industry.
Salad bars are not only impactful for future generations of fresh produce consumers, but they are also good for your business. As United Fresh launches its campaign to move salad bars to Midwest Schools, take a look at what donating a salad bar can do to boost your company’s bottom line.