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Posted by DMA Solutions TeamJune 7, 2017 11:41 AM

At DMA Solutions, we’re committed to successfully marketing the brands we serve, which requires us to be mindful of potential roadblocks to success – many of which are thought-based. And while we have goals for marketing success, we also each have our own versions of personal success – to be in a certain position, to be a great parent, to make a certain amount of money, or to change our community for the better. Whatever your version of success looks like, take note not to get caught up in these thoughts in order to move toward that success sooner.

I’m too young/old to...

The moment you begin to put yourself into a box based on your age is the moment you limit your ability to contribute to your success. Each and every one of us, fresh out of school or ready to retire, has a vital contribution to make – whether that’s a 30+ year understanding of fresh produce or an understanding of social media and how young people think. Young people – soak up everything you can before over-speaking, but know that your innovative and creative approach is just as valuable as the produce veteran’s calculated and strategic approach.

I deserve to...

One of the easiest ways to sabotage your own success is to speak with entitlement, and this goes for all generations – not just Millennials. When was the last time you thought “I deserve to be happy” or “I deserve that bigger paycheck?” One way to change the way you think in this area is to start saying “How will I serve others today?” or “in order to earn more, I’ll need to grow in these areas.” That way, when you do earn the thing you’re working toward, there’s a spirit of gratitude versus expectancy.

It’s not my responsibility to...

Don’t get caught up in thinking that you’ve earned the right not to own responsibility in certain areas. We are all responsible for our teams, the work we do, our children’s behavior, our finances, etc. Entitlement is bred in the thought that “I’ve earned my stripes and shouldn’t have to do that” or “that’s not in my job description.” The most successful leaders are willing to get in the trenches with their team in order to move forward.

I don’t have the experience or talent to...

We’ve all done this – “I can’t give that presentation because I’m too shy” or “I’ve only been here for 6 months, so I’m not ready to own that project.” If your goal is to grow, then you’ll need to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Think of a rubber band – it’s not useful just sitting there, but when it’s stretched, it has the ability to hold a lot. Research, read, get a mentor, ask for training – whatever it will take to take the next step to build on your experience and talent.

Everyone else is...

Comparison will knock you down faster than almost any other thought because it gives you permission to think and act lazily. It’s the old “if your friends jumped off a bridge” scenario, but can be a hindrance even if you’re looking at positive things. “Everyone else is doing this for their kids” or “everyone else in the industry is talking about their product like this.” Innovation and progress are not bred from what’s always worked in the past.


Each and every one of us has the opportunity to succeed, but sometimes it takes getting out of our own way! Which one of these thoughts has gotten in the way of your success? How will you own it, moving forward? We’d love to know! Leave a comment below or Tweet us at @thecoreblog and @bethatkinsonpr!   

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